Sunday, April 1, 2018

April is a month of Pink! Paris in Pink~

April is a special month to me ... 

I was born in April
and to me,
April is a month of Pink.

Paris Sakura
You get to see cheery blossom , Sakura in the month of April 
and typically
April represent the beginning of Spring in many 
Four Seasons Countries!
No doubt,

Paris is one of them too!

There is a saying by Har Boland
No winter lasts forever ; 
               no spring skips its turn.

So, i was lucky enough to experience the winter 
and the spring during my recent trip to Europe back in Mar/Apr 2018.
I experienced the winter, the snow, the cold in Poland; 
and i've also tasted the fresh spring air in France!

I  told myself that i wanted to
document down my trip to Europe, 
but the amount of photos taken during the trip
were truly scary! 
I need more time to sort out the photos first...

However, it was truly a refreshing trip for me!

I love the purity and peacefulness in Warsaw that i've seen.
The homeland of Chopin where only Chopin's music could be heard in the air of Warsaw!

I guess my video here tells you everything!
Attn: The video below is a little bit draggy since i didn't do any editing on this video. 
I respect the composer. Do not click play if you are not someone into music. 

I love the architecture and also the historical culture found in Paris!
I found myself lost in thought that I've traveled far back to 18th century!
I was so amazed and at the same time, i give thanks to the authorities
who have preserved the cultural history in Paris!

Last but not least, stay tuned for more of my updates on Europe ya!~

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