Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hot stamping experience with Louis Vuitton!

Alright, second post of year 2020!
LV bond street bb

dear readers and fellow sisters (i assumed most of my readers are female? no?)
how is year 2020 treating you so far?

I guess not too good right?

we are all depressed by the Covid-19 news / updates on daily basis!
and if you are a Malaysian, you probably feeling anger too as well... 
or maybe resentment?

Well ...  politics! Life still goes on...

I have to be honest with you, i was not in a good mood recently due to various news online... 
it depressed me! so i told myself , i only go to Facebook to post my photos , my updates and 
no more reading of the feeds online!
NOT anymore

Not only that, i guess a lot of my frens (well from the facebook feeds again)
have no choice but to cancel all the upcoming travel plans!

Urh ... i feel you ... but i cant encourage you to proceed as well right?
It is still up to your own-self to decide. 

Some of my frens texted me and said this to me : 
Phew, luckily you've came back in Singapore! Italy has locked down a few cities! Imagine that , if you were still there ... 

sigh .... 

So instead of sharing you unhappy feeds again, 
let me share with you a little bit of joy in my life recently!

Finally, i have decided to do a Hot Stamping on my Louis Vuitton collection!!

it took me a while for such a huge decision! lol 

can not regret about it after the hot stamping ler.... so it is a huge decision !

so I went to the LV stores at MBS , i love this LV store layout so so much!

The best LV store that i ever visited! 
(Louis Vuitton Maison Champs Elysees isn't your match!!)
lol , i got my first LV collection - Alma BB from LV Maison Champs Elysees~
but then , the services from LV Maison Champs Elysees no doubt the best, 
the staff are attentive and humorous!

so what is the initial i choose to hot stamped it on my bag?
could it be nana?


it is F.Q

did you ever observed and noticed that the favicon on my page?
Favicon - a small , iconic image that represents your website, often found in the address bar of the web browser.

it is F.Q too as well!
So now you know where did this initial - FQ coming from!

Isn't it nice ? exactly the same as my Favicon ler... lol

hot stamping

I know it ! damn nice ! Love it so so much!

So when we were at the MBS LV Store,
we were served with beverages provided by the staff while waiting for the hot stamping.
You can just chill & relax there...
It took only 10-15 mins of your time, and
the hot stamping will be ready even before you bottoms up your free drinks from the house!

Next , is to showcase the outcome, you can click on the video to play it...
it is actually boomerang effects from Instagram!


  1. Hi,how much you paid for the bag tag? Is it available at LV's store?

    1. Hi Ninie, is free, hot stamping is one of the services from any LV store. In fact , i bought the bag from Europe but get the hot stamping done in Spore.


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