Monday, December 14, 2015

Thermomix TM31 Salted EggYolk Bun a.k.a liu sha bao! 美善品 流沙包

Yeah , got this recipe from 
Zoe's bake for happy

and i re-invented to my way of liu sha bao by using thermomix !! 
It's simply easy! 
Btw, i really love and enjoy reading post from Bake For Happy Kids!
do follow Zoe if you love cooking and baking ! she is great !
Thermomix recipe . liu sha bao recipe


Taken July 2020

Molten Salted Eggyolk Steam Bun/ Liu Sha Bao
Filling  (prepare the filling a day earlier)
4 pcs   fully cooked salted eggs yolk
40g     icing sugar
60g     unsalted butter , soften
 (i tried to use Golden Churn Salted Butter for my 2nd attempts and it turns out not bad , creamier ! but depend on individual ya ~ )

1. Place ingredients in TM bowl and mix 45 sec on Sp4

5g       corn flour
35g     milk powder
30g     custard powder
30ml   coconut milk (santan)

1. Mix and combine for 1 min on Sp4

Refrigerator till become firm , and scoop it like how you scoop for an ice cream ... and last freeze it for one night!

Bao Dough
250g         pau flour
1/2tsp       baking powder
1/2tsp       salt
1&1/2tsp  INSTANT YEAST 
 ( you may skipped the step to activate the yeast if you using instant yeast )
15g               sugar
1tbsp (15g) vegetable oil / canola oil ( i used Crisco Brand )
120ml         water ( you may combine milk and water ; 60ml milk + 60ml water ) by adding the milk, the dough is fluffier, otherwise, denser. 

1. Place ingredients in TM bowl and mix 10 sec on Sp5
2. Knead 7 min, close lid position on interval speed

3. Rest till double the size (I cover with cling wrap to rest)

4. Divide to 10 portions,  each at appx. 25g

Steam it with 600ml water , varoma , 10min , Sp3

Enjoy my wrapping video at below!  :)

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