Monday, December 14, 2015

Thermomix Steam Salted EggYolk Bun a.k.a liu sha bao!

Yeah , got this recipe from 
Zoe's bake for happy

and i re-invented to my way of liu sha bao by using thermomix !! 
It's simply easy! 
Btw, i really love and enjoy reading post from Bake For Happy Kids!
do follow Zoe if you love cooking and baking ! she is great !
Thermomix recipe . liu sha bao recipe

Molten Salted Eggyolk Steam Bun/ Liu Sha Bao
Filling  (prepare the filling a day earlier)
3 pcs   fully cooked salted eggs yolk
40g     icing sugar
60g     unsalted butter , soften
 (i tried to use Golden Churn Salted Butter for my 2nd attempts and it turns out not bad , creamier ! but depend on individual ya ~ )

1. Place ingredients in TM bowl and mix 45 sec on Sp4

5g       corn flour
40g     milk powder
25g     custard powder
30ml   coconut milk (santan)

1. Mix and combine for 1 min on Sp4

Refrigerator till become firm , and scoop it like how you scoop for an ice cream ... and last freeze it for one night!

Bao Dough
250g         pau flour
1/2tsp       baking powder
1/2tsp       salt
1&1/2tsp  INSTANT YEAST 
 ( you may skipped the step to activate the yeast if you using instant yeast )
15g           sugar
1tbsp        vegetable oil ( i used Crisco Brand )
120ml       water ( you may combine milk and water ; 60ml milk + 60ml water ) by adding the milk, the dough is fluffier, otherwise, denser. 

1. Place ingredients in TM bowl and mix 10 sec on Sp5
2. Knead 7 min, close lid position on interval speed

3. Rest till double the size

Tada ! You are done!  

Steam it with 600ml water , varoma , 10min , Sp3

Enjoy my wrapping video at below!  :)

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