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Hello World! I'm a home grown Malaysian! 

if blogging is a "business" .......
"NanaPatricia" would be my company, as the owner of this company, i have to allocate my time equally as a Manager, Designer, Photographer, as well as a Model for my own brand -- "NanaPatricia"!
Without you , my client , the reader's continuous support , my "business" would never exist!

A big Thank You for drop-by my blog!

Let's stay connect as friend!

Q: Why NanaPatricia?
A: In Japanese , Nana means number seven ("7") . NanaPatricia means 7s' Patricia or the seven faces of Patricia... 
     1. Blogging
     2. Singing - 音乐部落  梦不落   ( a Music Blog written by NanaPatricia )
     3. Fashion & Arts 
     4. Travel -  琪幻旅程      ( TravelLog written by NanaPatricia in her native language )
     5. Patty's Kitchen: Cooking & Baking
     6. NanaPatricia's Gastronomy 
     7. Embracing CoffeeArts 

Q: How to contact NanaPatricia?
A: I believe the fastest way to get in touch with NanaPatricia would be ..
     Click to chat with her
     Click to add her Instagram
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     Click and support her "Business"!

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