Saturday, August 22, 2015

♥ Cathay Pacific Flying Experience ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

i'm using Samsung NX mini from


Hi ... from the Cathay Pacific KLIA counter


click to play the video

woohooo.... onboard CX720 - Boeing 747-400
cool , you can charge your devices inside the plane!

I must admit that Cathay Pacific has very wide range of in flight entertainment if compare to 
So what am i going to watch during this 4 hrs flight ?
ta-da.. Cinderella

Fyi , Cathay Pacific was ranking no.1 back in 2014~!

the in flight meal...

the moving map...

and ...

arrived HKIA on time!

Very soon , is time for me to say goodbye to Hong Kong
Jeng Jeng Jeng 
Upon get down from the taxi and i saw this ..
the busiest airport in Asia
Bye .... HKIA
HKIA is really huge with wide range of retail stores

 my return flight arrangement was a bit special , because i'm going to take 
Premium Economy seat back to my homeland !!
 Super love it !
The seat is very spacious inside CX 729 - Airbus A340 - 300 

okay , now ... notebook and in flight entertainment, 
which one i will choose?

i choose TED as my in flight entertainment during my return flight
haha... enjoyed watching documentary most the time

the in flight meal 

the moving map 

and arrive KLIA safely!
Thank you Cathay Pacific for this wonderful flying experience!
This is my first time flying with Cathay Pacific , i believe more to come in future!
You are the best and Number 1 in my heart!

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