Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tokyo Disneyland to do list in Winter 2018!

tokyo disneyland

yeay, went to Tokyo Disneyland in Jan 2018, 
and finally i have some time to blog about this.. 
so ya . it is a long over due blog for two months?
Hmm ... i was very busy for the past few months...

basically i love Tokyo Disneyland a lot! 

It is much bigger if compare to HK Disneyland 
and more magical!
 Of course the castle is much more bigger!

Apart from that, the Themepark itself is really clean, the services were efficient,  everyone was discipline when come to parades seating arrangement and queue for the rides.
typical Japan Culture in Disneyland!

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

many parades ..

many Disney Characters foodies would be spotted in this Disneyland...  and these are the snacks that you should not be missed if
You're a hard-core fans!
what is this ? BB-8!
Disneyland Starwars

i know..  i know it's called BB-8, but what is it exactly inside the BB-8?
Disneyland Starwars

the answer can be found from the photo - Popcorn!
Did you see that,  the word - popcorn?
That was the Q... alwys this long Q for every  popcorn stall!
Yes, Tokyo Disneyland famous of its Popcorn! They have a lot of flavours...
Salt,  chocolate,  honey, bbq, caramel,  bla bla bla over 10+ of  flavour choices,  just name it!

and the most interesting part is the container! They use Disney Characters for the container designs!
What a good marketing strategy!
Cuz most of the time,  consumers are actually aiming for the packaging instead of the snacks!

You should also try the Mochi from Disneyland!
So damn soft and yummy!
The best Mochi i've ever had till date!

My overall experience in Tokyo Disneyland was magical & fantastic!

probably it was also due to the cool weather! Yup, i've visited Tokyo Disneyland during the winter!

One thing good about visiting a Disneyland during the winter is ....
you get the chance to take a lot of rides in one day!
It is true that lesser crowd during winter , even it was a weekend in Disneyland!
probably it was also due to the efficiency of Japanese!

we don't get the chance to watch the Hapiness on High night show due to bad weather - strong wind/ snow rain
Officials cancelled the whole event
for the sake of visitors and staffs,
even on a  busy weekend!

Rides that i took in Tokyo Disneyland 
Star Tours (fast pass attraction) ✨ Pooh's Hunny Hunt (a must in Disneyland) ✨ 
✨ Mickey PhilharMagic (twice, interesting, a must to do in Disneyland) ✨ 
Peter Pan's Flight ✨  Snow White ✨ 
✨ Jungle Cruise ✨ Carrousel ✨
Frozen Winter Greetings ✨  Happiness is Here ✨
✨ Frozen Parades ✨

Disneyland star tours

Foods that i had in Disneyland
🥣 World Bazaar  (fast food) 💰
900 yen per set (including fries & drinks)
🥣 Queen of Heart Banquet Hall (Restaurant Dining)  💰💰

Forever Magical ~

enjoy my video ~

🇯🇵   情侣日本和服拍照集  🇯🇵  Hello Kitty Cafe 🇯🇵  Tokyo City Tour 🇯🇵
🇯🇵  Tokyo Disneyland 🇯🇵 
 🇯🇵  Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu 🇯🇵  Flying with ANA Airlines 🇯🇵
🇯🇵  Mirai Store Tokyo - Culture Japan 🇯🇵 

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