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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tokyo Disneyland to do list in Winter 2018!

tokyo disneyland

yeay, went to Tokyo Disneyland in Jan 2018, 
and finally i have some time to blog about this.. 
so ya . it is a long over due blog for two months?
Hmm ... i was very busy for the past few months...

basically i love Tokyo Disneyland a lot! 

It is much bigger if compare to HK Disneyland 
and more magical!
 because of the castle is much more bigger!

Apart from that, the Themepark itself is really clean, the services were efficient,  everyone was discipline when come to parades seating arrangement and queue for the rides.
typical Japan Culture in Disneyland!

Tokyo Disneyland

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mirai Store Tokyo - Culture Japan

在我这次的日本行, Mirai Store Tokyo was one of the highlights!
Mirai Store Tokyo

Mirai Store Tokyo 是我最最最期待探访的地方,
所以我总是需要和我的堂妹借Barbie Doll 玩,

Friday, February 9, 2018

🐾 Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty Tokyo Japan 😻

Okay .. how can a Japan trip ended without visiting Hello Kitty or Sanrio Puroland?
Tokyo Hello Kitty Cafe

eh ...  it's true that i did not manage to visit to Sanrio Puroland..
I managed to visit this London Themed Hello Kitty Cafe!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Flying with ANA Airlines

我第一次 flying with ANA Airlines 初体验!

我真心觉得 ANA Airlines 的空姐都好勤劳哦。。

而且 , 你肯定从一上飞机到下飞机,都没有感觉肚子饿的时候。
我喜欢这个 Rice Crackers!
日本米饼🍘 真的好好吃!

然后就是这款饮料 - Kabosu!必点!!超好喝的!

飞机的娱乐。。。 hmm ... 说实话, 飞机上的娱乐就不是那么好了。。
亚洲国家的节目选项不是很多, 好莱坞剧场的选项有点不够更新。。

Monday, January 29, 2018

Where to stay in Tokyo city ? The integrated hotel with subway station just across the road!

Before my good words about Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu...

Let me post my selfie when i first arrive the Hotel!
Yup , i took the hotel limousine bus! it's so convenience from Haneda Airport to the hotel!

okay, you might be curious , since subway station is just across the road, 
why i still take the hotel transfer?
firstly, i arrived at wee hours, secondly, i was alone, 3rdly , since there is hotel transportation..
hey whey .. why you want to take up so much troubles when someone offer to take care everything for you?
dio bo? correct?
forget about carry your luggage up and down and catch the train...
just hop on and hop off the hotel limousine bus (charges applicable)

Refer to below for hotel transportation schedule
akasaka excel hotel tokyu airport transfer schedule

The outlook of the hotel .. it's pretty huge!
photo from the website:
me at the entrance..

i won't comment the hotel room is small, as you can see from the photos, 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kimono Experience in Tokyo Shibuya!

延续之前的几篇 “穿遍世界
这一次我们来到了东京!! Tokyo !

kimono shibuya

去了这家位于 Shibuya 附近的 Kimono Kawaii Rental Shop!

他们家的Kimono👘 都很 kawaii 的说!

feel free to contact them for appointment! 

we took the photo plan package , which include of kimono complete set , accessories, hair settings
and a photographer! 
Indeed it was so nice to have
 a photographer travel to places
with both of us.. don't agree ? 
let my photos tell you WHY .. 


Thursday, December 21, 2017

[Giveaway] Bye 2017 & Hello 2018!

It's the month of Festive Season and 
Back to December again!

I remember when i was young, i used to write down my new year resolutions in my diary.
But i'm not going to write down my new year resolutions today. 
I want to
reminisce my 2017!
[Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Giveaway]

🌹 January 🌹

I did a video in January for my rose shape dumplings! 

and had a great gathering with my dear friend back in my hometown - Johor Bahru
this cafe has a special flower tea , very interesting , click here to find out more


I went to Singapore and visited the Flower Dome!

👓 March 👓

Back in March , i bought myself a new glasses from
a lovely and trusted online store - shop your contact lenses online now!
They are having Christmas & New Year Sales now! Don't missed your chance for great deals!

Same time, i wrote about the Myths of Blue Cut Lenses!
I strongly recommend you to read this post of mine here
about the Myths and Important notes about Blue Cut Lenses!
I'm wearing Blue Cut Lenses for all my glasses now!
What about you?
Protect your eyes since 眼睛就是你的灵魂之窗!

🍰   April 🎂
To me, April = Birthday! Yeah, i had my birthday in Singapore!

My bff in Singapore had spent me a good meal in Singapore!
So happy! Yummy foods!

I went to Universal Studios Singapore as well!
doesn't looks like 33 hor...  haha

Happy 33th Birthday to me!

Besides my birthday celebration in Singapore.
I managed to unlock one more nice cafe in Petaling Jaya!
Haha ...
Read more on this cafe - Terracotta Cafe & Boutique

🏃 May 🏃
Hmm .. had my 1st 5km fun run in SCKLM2017!
a little bit regretting for not taking the 10km category!
I've told myself to challenge 10km category in SCSM2018!

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