Sunday, November 18, 2018

NanaPatricia visit Habitat by Honestbee, Sg!

wow , November 2018 marked the 9th month of me living in Singapore!
I've survived for 9 months in Singapore! okay, still counting , i believe!

SO ..  yesterday i went to this newly open HYPE supermarket in Singapore, they just opened in mid of October 2018 okay... 
Habitat by Honestbee, the first tech-enabled, multi-sensory grocery & dining destination in Singapore.

Enjoy my video here, if wording is a disaster to you!

Well, if you compare it with AmazonGo, of course, still a long way to go ... but it is always a good start, you see!

Thursday, October 4, 2018


🌟 Fun facts about Musée du Louvre (English) 🌟
musee du louvre



Lourve Pyramid Night View

我想美丽的法国行肯定不能少了卢浮宫和凡赛尔宫,一个是前皇宫,一个是后皇宫, 就好像中国陕西的秦帝国皇宫和后来的北京紫禁城那样。 我其实还没有亲身去过紫禁城, 但是,我觉得, 这两个西方与东方的皇宫,都各有各好。紫禁城的好来自于其建筑用料与精巧的建筑结构,他们采用了上好的金丝楠木, 这种木很重很重,是一棵一棵的搬运入宫的(几百人的手动运送), 这种可以抵捍10级地震的天才建筑结构至今也让许多的专家折服。。。 而欧洲的卢浮宫和凡赛尔宫展现了是多层次的美感与艺术感,大理石,吊灯,金碧辉煌,仿佛带领那个年代最有钱与权利的君王活在金银碧石世界里。其中凡赛尔宫的 Hall of Mirror 镜厅更是显现了法国又或是欧洲国家在那个时代科学上的进步, 无可否认,论科学的进步,西方国家真的略胜一筹。

Thursday, September 27, 2018

鲸吞亿万 Billion Dollar Whale

Image from

当我决定把我的Book reviews 写在我的 Blog 的时候,心里不免的有点小小害怕,因为曾经那个没有新闻自由的马来西亚已经根深蒂固的扎在我心底。我忘了,这是一个全新的马来西亚,所以我犹豫。毕竟这个website是我多年的心血, 我真的不想它- Blog 受到什么对付。

刚开始阅读的时候,我就不停的骂作者,理由:作者把肥鲸描写得太烂了,感觉就像所有人没有错,只有肥鲸最错!! 如果你是前首相的支持者,或许你会认为,是这个肥鲸迷惑了他们俩老!! 但是,英文有句话说 :It takes two hands to clap!  所以俩老肯定没有被下降头或者是被迷惑。

Monday, September 17, 2018

Met the Warsaw, Poland below zero

Warsaw Poland Points of Interest

我说,Warsaw 是座美丽的老城市。
Warsaw Poland Points of Interest

what you need to do is...  hop on the tram ..
buy the bus ticket from the machine in the tram (get ready with your coins)
and then sit back and relax ...
oh crap...

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The top 5 masterpieces in Louvre Pyramid (Musée du Louvre)

Musee du louvre floor plan

Have you ever wonder , what is the definition of Louvre actually ? 
It meant - each of a set of angled slats fixed or hung at regular intervals in a door, shutter, or screen to allow air or light to pass through

So next, how do we pronounce Musée du Louvre ? click here to listen, mate
free of charge, no worry!

Arh... so it sounded like LOVE when you pronounce it in French!

The name itself has described Musée du Louvre perfectly!

Now, let's start with my 5 fun facts about Musée du Louvre!
Disclaimer : purely my personal point of views, feel free to feedback. 

les artworks 

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa The Lourve facts
By Leonardo da Vinci
Display since 1797 
Worth: nearly $800 million in 2017

Monday, September 10, 2018

POLIN Museum - 感受波兰犹太人历史之旅

POLIN Museum

我写Blog , 就为了记载我的生活,我的思想,我的见解。
POLIN Museum

最近风靡 《延禧攻略》 , 姐姐我总是赶上潮流,我当然也看了!
click the link below to watch  《延禧攻略》for free

看了以后, 我有这样的感想

                                                            - 琪思琪语 - 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Why Nobu Sky High Tea is not the best choice of mine for Afternoon Tea in KL city?

Last Saturday, i went to Nobu @ Petronas Tower 3 for this Sky High TeaNobu Sky High Tea Menu

Well, it wasn't our 1st choice, we intended to go to Altitude Banyan Tree at first
but it was fully booked despite our one week earlier kind of booking .. 
It is okay, there are a lot more choices in KL!
I put on this new dress from Doublewoot Fashion
Phew ... sexy back


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