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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Wedding Anniversary @ EON51 Sky Dining

Another year has passed, last year this day, 
we were celebrated our anniversary in Cambodia.
we went to this, very nice French Restaurant - Khema in Cambodia

And this year this day, we were at Ho Chi Minh City!
We went to BITEXCO Financial Centre which located very near to our hotel
for a perfect Saigon skydining experiences!

BITEXCO Financial Tower
Photo credit to BITEXCO Financial Tower

Given the strategic location of Saigon River
and the booming economy in this city, 
Ho Chi Minh City is definitely another 
shinning pearl in the ASEAN region!
You should visit my post here to find out more on -
Why I have this comment to HCMC!

BITEXCO Financial Building consists 3 floors of restaurants  
where level 50 served the Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine; 
level 51 has the best Western Cuisine in the sky; 
and level 52 , the Skybar beside the Helipad!
eon51 sky dining
Photo credit to EON51 Sky Dining

Monday, November 20, 2017

从西贡开始:What can you do in HCMC within 48hrs?

前一次是 闺蜜旅行 (link), 游了美丽的下龙湾


话虽如此,这一次却是让我真正的了解越南🇻🇳 的一次 

Traditional Ao Dai dress up in Vietnam!

 I told my husband that i want to
 instead of travel around the globe
i want to try all the traditional costume of the countries
that i've went to!

ao dai rental

Let me tells you a story of mine in Ao Dai - the traditional Vietnamese costume!

I went to this SKYhub global tour lounge at HCMC to rent my Ao Dai
@USD15 per day !

Saturday, October 21, 2017


KL city view humble quotes

“有几个孩子了啊?” “不年轻了哦”
I believe in God's timing. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

How i move from Blogger to Google Domains?

Yup, i'm officially a domains owner!
Yoohoo ~

I started as a Blogger by using Google Blogger. Yeah , im Google supporter!
Therefore, it was really a happy news that we can purchase domain name/.com from 

But here come the problem when Google Domains flagged out this line
'Uh-oh, There was a problem' to me..
The problem was because i bought the domain outside of US!
it is so unfair! does anyone know why? Why Google don't allow?
Anyway, as i mentioned earlier, i love and support google so much! 
So i Google-ed!
And here is the Internet Saviour's answer!
You may refer to him , if you would like to buy a domain URL 
from Google Domains outside of US!
i did it through his tutorial and
i bought my Google Domain successfully from Malaysia!

After that , the important steps , how to redirect your blogspot address to your new domain?

Step 1 : go to Settings > Basic
Step 2:  Look for Publishing > Blog Address
Step 3: Your domain url should appear at this field box here automatically if you've purchased the domain from Google Domains. Mine was like that, appears on it's own.
Step 4: Checked/ Tick on the box to redirect your blogspot address to this new domain URL

And then you are DONE!  Congratulations on your new domain name!
how to connect blogspot to domain

So i'm really happy with it, with my Blogger and Google Domains integrated!
The sweetest meet for both
Blogger and Google Domains.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Best cafe for gathering in Klang Valley / Petaling Jaya

coffee quotes

I wasn't a coffee lover.. 
i started to appreciate coffee , going to cafe and search for good coffee 
when coffee arts was booming!
Ah-ha , the coffee CULTURE!

if you can recalled, there was once,
coffee culture was really booming in Malaysia~

So, i'm going to compile a list of reviews for you! 

Let's start!

Where to gathering in Petaling Jaya / KL ? 

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post, and i do not represent to any parties. 
Secondly, this is my own cafe reviews. You can agree with me or don't agree with me!
so it's a question throw back to you , yay or nay ? 

Below list of cafe in Petaling Jaya / KL were selected based on the environment , and 
it must be an instagram-able coffee place! 
haha, for sure , you want to take group photo during your gathering right ? 
Just admit it lah!

☕ No.1 Acme Bar & Coffee Troika (ABC) - KL 
link to read more on cafe reviews

Acme Bar Cafe

Acme Bar Cafe

Environment : ♥♥♥♥♥ (very "atas" cafe!)
Foods: ♥♥♥ (good but a little bit pricey)
Drinks: (did not try for coffee)
Coffee smell: 
Parking: ♥♥ 
(A bit pricey if parking at Troika, option parking at Zon Hotel which just next to Troika, 
per entry rate is available during weekends!)

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