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Friday, October 13, 2017

How i move from Blogger to Google Domains?

Yup, i'm officially a domains owner!
Yoohoo ~

I started as a Blogger by using Google Blogger. Yeah , im Google supporter!
Therefore, it was really a happy news that we can purchase domain name/.com from 

But here come the problem when Google Domains flagged out this line
'Uh-oh, There was a problem' to me..
The problem was because i bought the domain outside of US!
it is so unfair! does anyone know why? Why Google don't allow?
Anyway, as i mentioned earlier, i love and support google so much! 
So i Google-ed!
And here is the Internet Saviour's answer!
You may refer to him , if you would like to buy a domain URL 
from Google Domains outside of US!
i did it through his tutorial and
i bought my Google Domain successfully from Malaysia!

After that , the important steps , how to redirect your blogspot address to your new domain?

Step 1 : go to Settings > Basic
Step 2:  Look for Publishing > Blog Address
Step 3: Your domain url should appear at this field box here automatically if you've purchased the domain from Google Domains. Mine was like that, appears on it's own.
Step 4: Checked/ Tick on the box to redirect your blogspot address to this new domain URL

And then you are DONE!  Congratulations on your new domain name!
how to connect blogspot to domain

So i'm really happy with it, with my Blogger and Google Domains integrated!
The sweetest meet for both
Blogger and Google Domains.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Best cafe for gathering in Klang Valley / Petaling Jaya

coffee quotes

I wasn't a coffee lover.. 
i started to appreciate coffee , going to cafe and search for good coffee 
when coffee arts was booming!
Ah-ha , the coffee CULTURE!

if you can recalled, there was once,
coffee culture was really booming in Malaysia~

So, i'm going to compile a list of reviews for you! 

Let's start!

Where to gathering in Petaling Jaya / KL ? 

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post, and i do not represent to any parties. 
Secondly, this is my own cafe reviews. You can agree with me or don't agree with me!
so it's a question throw back to you , yay or nay ? 

Below list of cafe in Petaling Jaya / KL were selected based on the environment , and 
it must be an instagram-able coffee place! 
haha, for sure , you want to take group photo during your gathering right ? 
Just admit it lah!

☕ No.1 Acme Bar & Coffee Troika (ABC) - KL 
link to read more on cafe reviews

Acme Bar Cafe

Acme Bar Cafe

Environment : ♥♥♥♥♥ (very "atas" cafe!)
Foods: ♥♥♥ (good but a little bit pricey)
Drinks: (did not try for coffee)
Coffee smell: 
Parking: ♥♥ 
(A bit pricey if parking at Troika, option parking at Zon Hotel which just next to Troika, 
per entry rate is available during weekends!)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

🌏 琪“澳”旅途 : ⛅ Great Ocean Road Self Drive 大洋路自驾游 + St Kilda beach 🐧

great ocean road tripadvisor




原因一 :想停哪里就哪里

原因二: against tourist buses traffics
时间自由,你不需要和旅巴的搭客抢 photo spot

原因三: 想逗留多久就多久

The Great Ocean Memorial Archway


Thursday, August 31, 2017

🌏 Go West Tour Reviews (Philips Island, Bathing Boxes, Moonlit Sanctuary) 🐧🐨

Woo hoo!! 
Highlights of my Melbourne Trip!
Philips Island , Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes & Moonlit Sanctuary!
Go West Tours Melbourne reviews

We've booked a tour package via

i'm glad that we've made the right choice with Go West Tours Victoria
Our tour started with a warm welcomed from Scott to us.
Scott was our tour guide, he is humorous , attentive & caring !
Brighton beach

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes was our first stop!
Scott explained clearly on the history of the bathing box
which are informative as we walked along the beach
to admire the beauty of the"little houses"!

Me with the "houses"
Brighton beach bathing boxes

Monday, August 28, 2017

🌏 琪“澳”旅途 : Gastronomy Tour 🍔 🍜 🍹

okay .. finally the foodie post!
hardware societe tripadvisor

in this post here , i'm going to share with you on 
some of the foods that i've tried during my trip! 

The Hardware Societe @ Hareware St. food reviews
The Hardware Societe is a french pastries cafe
the restaurant is always packed with customers and please expect a long Q outside of the restaurant.
look at the long Q!
and the menu
hardware societe tripadvisor menu

me with the coffee

dishes for three of us!
hardware societe tripadvisor

Baked Eggs TROIS 
(scallops , cauliflower puree & leek)

The Hardware Societe @ Hareware St. food

i must give credit to the cauliflower puree, it was so smooth or creamy
till i've forgotten that it was a cauliflower puree instead of mashed potatoes !
Of course cauliflower puree is less fattening if compare to potatoes (carbo)!
grilled scallops blend in well with my cauliflower puree (butter and pepper)
as you can see from the photo!

Friday, August 18, 2017

🌏 琪“澳”旅途 : Getting around Melbourne CBD Part2

延续上一个 post,
今天我们再来继续我的 琪“澳"旅途!

Sealife Melbourne Aquarium
其实呢,我真心觉得 Singapore 的 SEA Aquarium 是我的世界之最
毕竟,我还没有踏足Dubai 也~
去的理由,有King Penguin & Gentoo Penguin 叻!!


 我就这样在Sealife 呆了两个小时,
和企鹅相处了接近 30 分钟,
居住环境欠佳~ sigh 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

🌏 琪“澳”旅途 : Getting around world's most liveable city Melbourne via Free Tram 🚇

如题,首先恭喜墨尔本 Melbourne 拿下了连续 7 年的 no. 1!
World's most liveable city for 7th consecutive year!

再来,恭喜我自己一个人 “澳” 游了整个 Melbourne CBD
完成了我的 Solo Travel 的小小心愿。。。


如果你正在计划着一个人的旅行,相信我Melbourne 很适合你。

  购买 data plan  
在机场买了 10 days , AUD 20 (Rm68) 的 sim card , 2 GB internet (daily)

这个很重要哦,this is for the usage of google map & Tram Tracker apps

真心觉得这个价位 (AUD 20) 比起很多的 portable wifi 便宜了许多。
在马来西亚有些 Portable Wifi provider 打着无限上网的头衔,却收取高昂的收费,像:Rm28  per day , 10 days 就 Rm280  了。。
Rm 280 vs Rm 68 , which do you take ?
所以,记得要 spend SMART & play Smart!

MyKi Card 须知 & Melbourne Tram system guide
理解他们tram system 非常重要,一开始,拿着那个map,
什么叫 free tram zone? 然后不用打卡就上车?这样好吗?

好了,首先,我建议你去 Flinders Street Railway station 开始你的免费City Tour,
这个 Flinders Street station 是 inside the free tram zone.

然后搭乘 No. 35 for the free City Circle Tram ,
搭搭古老的电车 since 1889 , 吹吹风,
坐在 Made in Melbourne for Melbourne 的电车跟这个city 大喊 Hello!

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