Monday, August 24, 2015

♥ Magical Breakfast prepared by Chef Mickey! ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

i'm using Samsung NX mini from

it's gonna be a long day inside Disneyland today!
So , first thing first , let's filled up our stomach first!
(Fyi, hotel room does not include breakfast)
After getting our passes to Disneyland, we took the hotel shuttle bus to 
Hollywood Hotel

the souvenirs store
The interior design of Hollywood Hotel gave me a feeling of
"modern" &  "futuristic" 
if compare to Disneyland Hotel which appear to be 
"Victoria" &  "Classy"
Anyway , my target is Chef Mickey Cafe!
 i ran fast to my target!
and i saw Chef Mickey standing at front of the cafe to welcome all his guests!

of course , we are one his guest of honor!

the interior design inside the restaurant, 
ehem , well, it's a themed cafe and it's all about Mickey lor......!

The variety selection of foods!

the candy bar for kids! ehem ... Candy Bar.....

Mickey Cafe is a place loaded with all the cuteness!
all the foods prepared by Chef Mickey was so details and delicate!

firstly , the cup and the plate are strictly follow the theme!
feeling young when you dining here!
Picture speaks a thousand words here!

BBQ pork Bun

Banana Cake

My Chinese style breakkie
love the shui gao (dumpling) and xiao long bao very much!
tasty and juicy!
My US style breakkie
My Happy Meal

My Mickey Flooded Plate
Let's tuck in~!
                                                   The Mickey Waffle is must try!
Hot from the pan and crispy too!
Okay, im full , as you can see , i ate a lot here!
And yup, i didn't took my lunch after this heavy breakfast!
i was out of control once i entered the magical land!

I enjoyed my breakfast pretty much here at 
Chef Mickey Cafe!
Daily 7:30am - 11:00am
No reservation is required at here, 
but if you are going to Enchanted Garden for breakfast,
early booking is required as it is always FULL HOUSE!

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