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♥ Magical Accommodation at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

i'm using Samsung NX mini from


Firstly , i must emphasize that staying in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
was really my most magical hotel stay so far by now!
Collected my free Theme Park passes...

you may refer here for my
♥ Magical Day in Hong Kong Disneyland 

Ok back to the topic..
let's start from the entrance
and the Grand Lobby
Victorian Style

the beautiful Chandelier 

and the huge maze outside the hotel!

can you spotted me from this photo?

the view from my room, facing the garden!
fantastic view!
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Blog . Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Reviews .

and now ... the most excited one is coming! Are you ready?
Ta-da ! follow me to my room!

the huge bathroom! love it !

and the wide range of toiletries!

and once i opened the wardrobe! this is what i see !!

So cute the bath robe for the little one and also the slippers!

the beautiful and comfortable bed!
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Blog . Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Reviews .

of course not to forget every single details inside the room!

Another thing which i love about this room is that ,
not to forget to check out from the phone!!

There is bed time story for your kids! 
Okay , im going to listen some bedtime stories before i go to sleep!

Anyway , just kidding, i'm going for a bath next!
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Blog . Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Reviews .
Okay , i'm clean and is time for my beauty sleep!

Disneyland Hotel has a lot facilities inside the hotel. 
Let me show you one by one!

click to play the video
"i'm going for a morning swim!! woohooooo!"
p/s: i love this set of L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino AOX very much!
it's like bringing a team of hair experts home!

The outdoor swimming pool 

The indoor swimming pool 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Blog . Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Reviews .
spotted me?
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Blog . Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Reviews .

talking about this , i'm really in love with the steam bath , sauna , Jacuzzi inside the female changing room!!
 It's so classy and posh! 
I was so Princess by pampering myself will all these!

Another interesting place in this hotel would be 
here is where the little one's dream come true, a chance to transform to be a Disney Princess!
arh ... im too old for this and i don't have a little one yet!

Nearby the lobby area, there is a corner for the little one , get together and catch a show together!

Also , there is ATM inside the hotel 
the toilet at the lobby is pretty nice as well!

Enchanted Garden Restaurant where the place you can meet and greet the Disney Characters!
(Disneyland Hotel does not provide free breakfast, it's additional charges on top of the hotel room)
And the souvenirs store inside the hotel!

the cute Mickey & Minnie sculpture at the lobby

Me with the flowers!

Me at the front desk and it's time for check-out!

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has given me such a wonderful and magical stay in Hong Kong. 
Friendly hotel staffs and well kept facilities!
it looks really new despite of it's age!
Fyi, it was officiated in 2005!! 10 years! but it doesn't look old at all!
Still very new and magical!

Alright, i have to go , we took a taxi which cost about $110 to airport and it is just 15 min drive to airport!
It's really near and convenience!

For more details , please visit 
Great place for family with little one!

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