Tuesday, August 25, 2015

♥ Magical Day in Hong Kong Disneyland ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

i'm using Samsung NX mini from

how shall i start?

we took the Disney rail to Fantasy Station.
from there , we heading towards Toy Story Land

  tips: all the toilet inside Disneyland is very clean and every station will provide filter water for you to take water! yeah , it is hot and you gonna run for WHOLE DAY! So, make sure you stay hydrate!

this photo explained how "excited" i was before i took the RC Racer!!
we took RC Racer & Parachute Drop.. 
Okay , thrilling and you should not be missed!

After ToyStoryLand, we walked to Grizzly Gulch, had my Mountain Runaway Ride here!
it's fun and thrill!
nice view too!

Next , the new spot which i like the most!

click to play the video
please click to play , it is really fantastic !
my newest Favourite Ride in Disneyland!!

and see what i got for myself here at front of Mystic Manor!
Minnie ice cream!
so cute!
cost $32
click to play the video

it's really cute , see how much fun i had while eating this ice-cream!
After the ice-cream , we drop-by Frozen Village
ehem , Frozen Village is a temporary spot 
which only available during Summer at Hong Kong Disneyland!
so , i was slowed and i missed all the performances in that day!
TripAdvisor advice that you should come as early as possible to grab for the ticket!

Never mind, i had my favorite Lion King Performance as substitute!

Another sad story to share here is that, 
while i was queuing for photo shoot with Cinderella,
Q for about 15min, it would be my turn after the 2-3 persons at front of me.. 

the clock strike 12 times , and she has to go!
Ohhhhhhhhhh .............. Nooooooooooooooooo
no way!
Snow White came ... 
sob sob sob , no more Cinderella !
my mind turn BLACK out of sudden

my only picture of Cinderella is from here 
(not the front face somemore, nvm , everything capture with my eyes!)

Soon , it is close to Dinner time, 
we took a break and we went to Royal Banquet Hall @ FantasyLand
i had a sushi plate!
wait, it is not a normal sushi plate , it 's MICKEY sushi plate!

Sushi set @ $118 
My hb took this Grilled Steak set @ $132 
No joke , the sushi is very delicious!

Well , the average spending inside Royal Banquet Hall which including drinks cost around $100 - $150
and Royal Banquet Hall is a full air-conditioning restaurant inside Disneyland
with nice decoration! love the decoration here very much!
However, if you were on a lower budget, you may 
opt. to Comet Cafe @ Tomorrowland , which is 
relatively cheaper , average around $70

After our dinner , before the "Disney Paint The Night" started 
we went to Art Animation Studio at Main Street U.S.A

Can you tell which is drew by me ? 
A or B ?

Alright , lazy to guess ? or you don't even know ?
find the answer from the video below... 
the shifu was guiding us how to draw Winnie the Pooh in this video!
click to play the video

hmm .... the little girl beside me ....

wow ... she is so talented !
so nice the drawing!
don't you agree?
where is the Winnie's hole for me to hide ?!
i need the hole now!!

Ok , is now Disney Paint The Night show time!
I love this very very much!
Please and please click the video below to view it!
Such beautiful!
click to play the video
Alright , the next highlights would be Fireworks Performances!
My love too!
Refer to the link below for the performance.
Touched my heart every time i watched it!

Transportation wise is very convenience in Hong Kong Disneyland!
The shuttle bus services in between Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel

The Mickey MTR

I hope you enjoy reading this and 
falling in love with Disneyland 
as i do!

♥  Do like and share this post if you find it useful to you! Thanks for reading~  

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