Saturday, January 18, 2014

♥ Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC) @ Troika ♥

Ya ya ya ... The no.1 in the list.....

Acme Bar & Coffee, I'm here today!
 It's a gloomy Saturday , I refer to the weather not the spirits in these three ladies !

Three of us all the way from JB to this cafe! (except NanaPatricia but she is from JB!! also)

Acme Bar Coffee seated number one in the list!
it is a real "ATAS (posh)" cafe!
Hey ya, no joke, you need to make reservation!

Three of us didn't make any reservation and .... Ahah..... We've got to wait ....
For ..... 30-45mins! 

Jam kept telling me the ambiance here is really nice and somehow remind her the cafe which she visited in Australia! 

Hmm... Full with all sort of peoples, local, foreigner etc in this cafe....

People are gathering here and most of the long dining tables here are loaded with laughing, talking...

We all here for brunch, well, brunch at 330pm...
Lol, sound funny....
We didn't ordered any coffee but detox juice instead
 It's kind of disappointed , as the two keep complaining why there is not coffee smell.....
Hmmm.... No coffee smell.
I would said it is a good place for dining instead of coffee hopping!
The foods was nice but with this price , i do think that there is better  one around KL. Hehe
I would said pricey!

Baked eggs pan @Rm27

Pan Seared @Rm45

 Nice presentation! 
Hmm, I won't really come back to this place... Hehe
But don't mind, you may come here for fine dining!

Anyway , if you are asking for fine dining places, please try KLGCC- Flame, I didn't have any photos or review on that. I went there for some official event, isn't very nice if I kept photo snapping non stop while everyone enjoy the foods and the wines... Hehe

Well I would rate it
Environment : ♥♥♥♥♥ (very "atas" cafe!)
Foods: ♥♥♥ (good but a little bit pricey)
Drinks: (did not try for coffee)
Coffee smell: 
Parking: ♥♥ 
(A bit pricey if parking at Troika, Zon Hotel which just next to Troika, per entry rate is available during weekends!)

Please remember to visit 

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