Sunday, September 13, 2015

Homemade Chilled Mooncake a.k.a SnowSkin Mooncake (Thermomix TM31)

Continue from my previous post
today , im going to introduce another type of mooncake
SnowSkin mooncake
SnowSkin mooncake are very much like a sweet treats (desserts)
Anyway , hope you love this "sweety"
snowskin mooncake recipe beginner . easy to cook

SnowSkin Mooncake
100g koh fun (糕粉/cooked glutinous rice flour
100g icing sugar
40g shortening
120g fruit juice/ice water (i used aloe vera juice from the store for this case, 50:50 ; juice:water)

1. Place ingredients in TM bowl and mix 30 sec on Sp3
2. Then Knead for 1 min
3. Divide skin dough 25g , filling 35g  (Lotus Paste/ Red Bean Paste / Pandan Paste + roasted kuazi)
Chilled it in the fridge!

Tada - your chilled mooncake is ready to be served !

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