Saturday, January 18, 2014

♥ the world : Dialogue in the Dark , Malaysia

I'm going to blog about my experience with 
DID - Malaysia today
What is DID?
it stand for Dialogue in the Dark 
click on this link for more info

My dearest friend , Jamaline was the one who introduce Dialogue in the Dark to me
Yup , we decided to pay for a visit, you may drop by Petrosains , KLCC
Their new address is at Sunway University
for such once-in-a-life-time experiences!

It cost about Rm25 for adult ticket. 
A briefing was given to three of us before we start our journey in the dark.
Well , it was a great start as three of us were brief by a pretty lady on the background of DID Malaysia !

Then, we were brought to the "dark"
Totally DARK!
you cant see anything but instead you use your senses to feel and hear it .... 
Then , there is this cheerful voice from a guy, 
we were told that he will be our guide throughout this 45min journey!
My first feeling when i started this DARK JOURNEY
I felt SCARED and LOST !
 i don't know what lies ahead of me and not sure what am i going to touch or feel...
i feel scare cuz everything seem so "UNKNOWN" to me now. 
Although , there is a group of people with me , but somehow i really feel 
LONELY , i have only myself to depend on.

Somehow , the cheerful voice from the guy, let me named him as "Mr.Guy" ,
his cheerful voice struck my mind out of sudden!
I was like , what happen to this guy, he sound so happy...
and he move so freely around without taking a cane!
  (my feeling told me tht he move without a cane)
hmm , he seems familiar with the whole environment here, and enjoy his job as a guide here!
Honest speaking , that was my first thought in mind about him!

He started to ask us a lot of questions , again , with very cheerful voice! 
But look at me, i was very quiet through out the journey!
I don't feel like to talk, my mind is in a mess when i was inside. 
i think a lot and a lot .... 

Finally, Mr Guy wanna give us a break, he brought us to his friend's kopitiam, 
and yeah , i enjoyed my tea time there
(please remember to experience this dining experience!)
Here, we sat down in the dark , and we start to have a Dialogue in the Dark.

When he ask me "How do you feel when you are in the dark"
My answer was "i feel sad." (yes, my answer was THIS SHORT)
I really feel sad, i believe anyone who able to read till this line of my blog, 
you are probably someone like me, and you would surely understand why am i feeling sad,
which i don't wish to elaborate here. 

After my answer to Mr. Guy, he told me, 
he is blind since he was born, and he is also a national swimmer!
Okay, i'm little surprise, and i feel sad again. 
nobody knows something on my eyes now, in the dark. (*tears)
(fyi, i cant even swim!

Again , lastly he asked, "what do you think after this whole session"
My answer was... "it's so good that i can see the world"
well , a little bit too general, yup, im not a honest person)

Anyhow, the actual answer in my heart is...

I wish the society , including myself and everyone would look at this group of people normally, 
basically they are really normal person , like anyone of us, 
they learnt to live by themselves since they were born.
They have been learning from the hard way yet with a cheerful heart!
Just give a helpful hands to them the next time when you see any of them.

the world does not really need to be colorful 
but a helpful hand to warm each others heart. 

To Malaysia , no robbery , no snatch , no pick pocket , save Malaysia!

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