Saturday, February 8, 2014

♥ Maco Vintage @ JB ♥

I'm back in JB for CNY holidays!
Woo hoo ....

I've been doing KL cafe hopping

For your surprise , JB has a lot of nice vintage cafe too!
Let me check it out today!

 This Maco Vintage cafe is very catchy along the road which to be known as 
"Post office road" (Jln Ibrahim)
Lol... To me lah...
Well, this cafe very nearby to JB post office or MBJB!
JB post office is a landmark to all the students who study in the town!
If you grad from SSI, SAB, Convent, SIGS, EC, SETA, etc
I believe you got what I mean, don't you ?
You need to get down from the public transport at PO for bus interchange!
Ah ha, we called it as "PO" (our common term)

Alright , cut short !
Let's explore this cafe!

I love the interior design so so much! 
Very happy as JB has such a lovely cafe!
Proud of it!
JB can beat KL , okay?

and the little corner about the Managing Director!

My sister has been strongly recommend their Mille Crepe to me, yeah,
Every table has one piece at least!

So,here is my Oreo Mille crepe @Rm8.50

My sister didn't cheat me! This layered cake (千层蛋糕)is better than Nedeja!
There is Oreo cookies in each layer! Cool! 好细心哦!

And I learnt a new words from the service crew today,
 well, it all happens when I over heard the conversation between the service crew 
The new defined name is 千层tissues!
Ta da.. My "千层tissues"  

 The lovely cuppucino @Rm8
Damn cute ! 大吉大利 in this horse year! Huat ar!

and mocha @Rm9

chicken pie @Rm15 ( there is mushroom chicken soup under the pastries)

 Bye bye till we meet again! *peace*

I would rate it
Environment : ♥♥♥♥♥
Foods: ♥♥♥♥ 
Drinks: ♥♥♥♥(love the coffee arts!)
Coffee smell: 
Parking: ♥ (proper place for parkings with charges)

今天这个 post 我要以双语表达。 嘻嘻。
话说,本小姐一直人在 KL而且又玩很多的 KL cafe hopping,My List: KL Cafe Hopping
今天难得回来新山, 怎么能错过这间新山新亮点呢?
好了,这个店的董事经理的老婆其实是我 n年前的 multiply网友,


There is another highlights recommend by my siblings at Tmn JP Perdana
But..... Their review on the foods isn't that good, 
Maco Vintage has better review according to both of my siblings....
Anyway, I will be back , I mean visit both cafe the next time I back in JB 

Very catchy along the main road

Just Want Coffee, The Garden (

I prefer Once Upon A Time's design more if compare to Just Want Coffee
I will be back! wait for me!  ^_^


10 May 2014

I'm back ! I'm back!!

I'm going to have an afternoon break at Just Want Coffee for this round first!

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