Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My fantasy date with dollfie & miniatures @ Mini Mini Cafe , Mid Valley!

I get to know about this cafe from Facebook ..
what caught my attention on this cafe was....
nothing , but the dollfie and miniatures!
Mini Mini Cafe 

The cafe itself is so catchy! you will definitely see this cafe
on your way to GSC Mid Valley!

Wow ... saw the display ?!
It is too much !! Too too much !! way too cute also !
on top of that , there is some miniature beneath your dining table!
remember to check it out!

Cute isn't ? Those are the miniature which found-able 
from each dining table! Well, i couldn't snap all~ hehe
You've got to see it yourself, alright!

And now the "huge" thing! 

Arh !!! Too cute right ? And you feel like to own it right ?
Am i right ?
Yeah , you can own it now from Mini Mini cafe!

Why there is no foods ? isn't it suppose to be a cafe or restaurant ?
where are the foods ? are the foods miniature as well ?
Hohoho ... here come the highlights!
Yup , there is option for "miniature" when talked about foods!
This is a miniature Trio Burgers with three types of patties choices - Salmon Fish (mantao), Beef (wholemeal bun) , chicken (charcoal bun ) @ Rm19.90
by looking at the menu , it appear to be rather "Mini"
but guess what , i couldn't finish it ! LoL...

See ... not really "mini" right?

candid photo where Nana Patricia in action, taken by my brother!

lime juice @Rm6.90
Clam Vongole @Rm 16.90
Grilled Chicken Pasta Rm15.90
One last thing,  they don't charge for service charge! Pretty much like fast foods restaurant right?  Who said fast foods must be fried and oily?  To me, must be fast!

i'm not a typical comic fans, so don't ask me anything about the comic!
i purely love the arts of dollfie and miniatures.
Christmas is coming soon... 
hmmm ... if anyone of you would like to present me , 
please consider Mirai ! ヽ(•‿•)ノ
Click video below for Mirai by Danny Choo

Another good news is that Comic Fiesta is coming to the town!
Comic Fiesta Malaysia 2015 this 19-20 December!
See you there!

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