Monday, October 5, 2015

Cola Chicken Wing - the non-grilled BBQ alike chicken wing!

It's cooking time!

erm ... is this photo looks tempting to you? 
It's COLA chicken wing!
Cola ? 
are you mean by this Cola?

Ah ha .. ya ya , this Coca Cola is what i meant ! 
This dish is a little bit sweet but it taste good! 
Give it a try!
Here you go, the recipe!
Marinate the chicken with thick soya sauce (wrap and overnight in fridge for a night) 

Cooking Method
1. Put in olive oil and ginger slice , stir fry. 
2. Put in the chicken , fry till golden brown . 
3. Pour in one can of Coca-Cola (enough to cover the chicken). 
4. Cover with lids and simmer till the sauce is thickening. 

That's it !
Simple right ?

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