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♥ Magical Hong Kong free & easy ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

i'm using Samsung NX mini from

This post here is not a sponsored post
we planed and arranged everything by ourselves!
it's a free & easy trip for me and my husband!

We used this map while we travel around Hong Kong , it does not required wi-fi nor internet plan, 
it works offline!
cool huh~
We spent about 1 and half days at Hong Kong island and also part of the Kowloon.
Let's get started with foods!

All about Foods
one thing i love about Hong Kong foods mainly was because of its delicacy. It's really fine and delicious.
Dim Sum , we went to two Dim Sum places at Hong Kong. Dim Dim Dim Sum was read from reviews , whereas Tim Ho Wan was recommended by here.

Dim Dim Dim Sum 点点心专门店

we went to the Dim Dim Dim Sum at Mongkok, took the MTR and exit at MongKok station , exit D2, after come out from the Exit D2, Broadway Building (百老汇)should be on your left, walked straight till the first junction and turn left , Dim Dim Dim Sum is just around the corner! Look out (should be on your right)

Must try list: Liu Sha Bao , Beef Ball , Mushroom Bun (personal preference)
HKD$ 22

dim sum hong kong
HKD$ 18
this mushroom bun is very special , it's not only has a mushroom shape,
but bun taste was exactly same like mushroom!

HKD$ 18
HKD$ 25
dim sum hong kong
HKD$ 20

The bun is too cute to eat lah!!

Tel: +852 2309 2300

Tim Ho Wan Sham Shui Po
Yup , i love the chee chung fun here very much ! often i will think of it since my first visit back in 2012 !! well , all the dim sum here are reasonable and "ho chiak"! They don't have any MUST TO EAT list , basically is everything is a MUST!
HKD$ 13
it is a BBQ Pork Baked Bun, first time eating .. super delicious
super crispy @ HKD$ 19
HKD $10
super smooth and "silky" cheong fun @ HKD $20
taste like "loh mai kai" but better than loh mai kai..
haha ...
what say you?!?
okay , forget it , just ignore me...
HKD$ 26

The table is very small .. 
No choice lo , everything is small small in HK 
after our super satisfy dim sum breakfast , we went out and get ready for our next stop.
Guess what we saw?
a long Q! super Long...!!
luckily we were early!

Tel:2788 1226

Kau Kee Noodle 九记牛腩
if you take beef , you should come to this famous beef noodle shop. Well , it is not easy to find. Please expect long hour Q as well. 
This the stairs you got to climb up
at the end of this stairs, turn left and you will see the long Q first
Tables isn't a lot inside the restaurant...
owner of this shop has different languages and version's menu
So able to tell how busy they are?
Must try : Beef Soup Noodle & Curry Noodle , the noodle very much like wan ton mee style . hehe . but the broth is fantastic , you can smell it while you on the long Q!
HKD$ 43
not so spicy if compare to Malaysian's curry
HKD$ 43
Tel:2850 5967

Chee Kei Wan Ton Noodle 池记
Their wanton noodle really taste better if compare to a lot of local stall. This restaurant was located strategically at Langham Place , level 4.
My photos encounter some technical issues while i dining here. Therefore , no photos for the food.

Must TRY: Beef Brisket w/vegetables rice!!  Yummy .... Avg spending at HKD$ 80 for set lunch.

Cafe De Coral 大家乐
this restaurant served very nice local dishes with reasonable price , one of my favorite place if going to Hong Kong. Average spending at HKD$ 49 for a set of meal which including drinks! They change their menu frequently . Hehe. Very local style of fast foods!

It's a chain stores, you could be see it almost everywhere in Hong Kong or even some part of China!

All about Fun
Ding Ding Tram

This would be my first time taking Ding Ding Tram! Wow , a must try ride in Hong Kong ! very scenic  especially when pass-by Times Square area...i hop on Ding Ding Tram from Central Station and get down at Tin Hou Station

Check out my Ding Ding Tram ride from the video below

Symphony of Lights!

It's a free performance for everyone daily at 8pm , no rest , and no matter rain or shine! 

Click to play the video

Langham Place

i love this shopping mall very much , a lot of things to see , got the famous wanton noodle too! This shopping mall has the longest escalator in Hong Kong , is really long !! hehe...

Heritage 1881

Harbour City Mall 
I love this shopping mall very much because is very very huge !! having nice view also!
would be a good option for shopping before Symphony of Lights!
we saw star cruise here !! yup , we both went for a cruise trip back in 2012. Refer here for more. 

Citygate Outlets 

We were here for short while due to we have little extra time before boarding. Yup , we check in our luggage first at the counter , after check in , we took Bus no.S1 (HKD$ 3.50/pax) , very frequent, and it took about 10-15 min bus ride from HKIA to Citygate. It seem to be a good option for shopping before boarding the plane.... But, i don't think it is a good place for shopping, anyway, do visit for good buy if you have more time. Well , had my curry fishball here.  hehe.

Streets View

We booked our hotel from again. This round , we going to stay at Oriental Lander Hotel. This hotel is very clean but not spacious. Haha. Well , expected.

Click to see how to go to Oriental Lander Hotel from HKIA

Lastly , it would be all about the MTR!

My "unchecked" list
hmm ... there is some places , i didnt manage to check in during my trip to Hong Kong . Probably because of the price or i get to know the places later after i back to my home. 
Well, if you happen to read this post of mine and you going to visit Hong Kong soon. Do check these cute places out for me !! 

Hello Kitty Themed Restaurant - Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine
Photo copied from the Facebook.
Isn't it cute?!

Gudetama Themed Restaurant - Dim Sum Icon

Photo get from the Facebook.

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