Saturday, August 22, 2015

TGV Cinderella Watch & Win - My magical trip from TGV Malaysia!

It's truly the biggest prize so far in my life!
It was a busy day in NZ (was on a working trip in NZ)
while checking on my personal email occasionally (have a rest & have a Whittaker's choco)
i saw one email from TGV mentioned that i won the Grand Prize!
I was like is this a prank?!
arh, i should check out from their official website!
And i cant believe my own eyes!
It's true!!
Oh my goodness!
tears of joy...
in short, truly happy and felt myself 
Feels so CIN-DER-ELLA out of sudden!

Some of you might be wonder , how did i won this Grand Prize ?
Alright , next time when you going to catch a movie with your loved one, 
that's simple! 
Book Online and who knows you might be the next lucky one?
Always believe in dreams come true!

Have courage and be kind!

Have courage to try out new thing and be kind to share! (NanaPatricia's interpretation)

Alright , follow me and experience this magical vacation brought to me by
Also Like their Facebook page for more freebies & updates!

click to play the video

Once again , thank you TGV Malaysia 
for such a moment of magic in my life!

Hong Kong Self Sponsored Free & Easy  ♥

I've been to Hong Kong in 2012!

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