Friday, April 3, 2015

Your new coffee experience with Fahrenheit 600!

It's rare to have occasion like this after work at my current company.
 It was wonderful to get everyone together, having dinner, chilling around after work!
you know , sometimes , we need to have some bonding time..
yeah ... bonding time prior to any kind of possible "engagement" in the office!
Okay , i guess we are lucky , the two ladies here get the chance to have a coffee cupping session with the handsome Barista!

Handsome said: Halo!

He shared a lot with us. Now then I knew how to appreciate, a coffee!
Yes, coffee is precious like grapevine, we should learn to appreciate it.
 I learnt that a good coffee doesn't need fancy stuff like 3D arts, sugar, cream, all you need is to taste the origins of coffee ...
feel the aroma of the coffee , and a sip of the coffee...
feel it
and let's see what happen next!
It won't be too strong but definitely is an intense sensation!
Coffee bean : 22 Martin
Coffee bean: Lucky Basterd
Fahrenheit 600 offer good quality of coffee beans, well, as a customer you have the right to choose the coffee bean you want! And custom make it to suit your taste buds, be it espresso, latte, or cappuccino!
Btw, coffee has a coffee season too as well,
just like Musang King is not available throughout the year for you! (i dont like durian)
Fahrenheit600 offering various type of coffee bean for customer to choose based on the season of the origins!




Not just only that, the barista also very particular on the brewing method, do you know that if the water temperature is not correct, it can actually burn the coffee!
Let's read some facts!

Water Temperature

The brewing temperature of the water used is very important. It should be between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C). The closer to 205 F (96 C) the better. Boiling water (212 F - 100 C) should never be used, as it will burn the coffee. Water that is less than 195 F (91 C) will not extract properly. Keep in mind that if frozen beans have been ground, the aggregate will drop the temperature of the water upon contact. In this instance the temperature of the water being added to the aggregate should be right at 205 F (96 C).

Others than that, and the equipment does play a part as in the pressure , filtering etc.
 I was introduced to "aeropress" and "v60 brew"!

v60 Brew
And the lucky me get the chance to taste both aeropress and v60 brew!
My filtered crystal clear coffee!
That's really cool!

Ok , enough of my lengthy wordings,
let's have some visual sensation!

Personally I like this piece of cake very much!
It's a bread , I supposed, not too sure!
Very special to me!

And the Must Try- Ducking Good!
Very nice as well!

After today's session , i'm kind of having a new definition to Coffee!
Coffee is pretty much like alcohol...
so why not ?!
Let's bottoms up!

And I'll surely recommend my friends and you, my readers to visit this cafe at Publika!

Visit their Facebook for details

Stay tune with their Facebook for public coffee cupping session updates!



Revisit June 2015

Well , i told you , i love their coffee
and i'm back again with my dearest friends !!

V60 coffee in KL
v60 Brew! the filtered coffee!

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