Friday, March 27, 2015

KISSBURGER prefer you to Kiss the burger before you eat it! (pork free restaurant)

Good news!
Finally I found the Malaysia's way of MOS burger! Kiss the burger, KISSBURGER!
The store is located at Desa Park City! 
Hurray I've been going to Desa Park in a weekly basis for our cell group meeting,
and I'm so excited because I get the chance to  Kiss burger every Friday if I want to!

While I was working in  Singapore few years back, i always like to go to MOS burger, i love the rice burger and veggie burger especially!
Fyi, MOS burger can not be found in Malaysia!!!
How could that be!!!
refer to their website...
i see taiwan, japan, hong kong, just NO MALAYSIA!! 
sob sob
But never mind!
i've got KISSBURGER now!!

Aha, first  thing first,let's kiss the burger first,it's branding is cute!
No kiss no eat huh!

Take a look at the menu!

Wow wow !!
they got veggie burger and rice burger!!

I order Tsukune Mushroom Rice Burger for myself , 
top up with fried brinjal + lemon coke (fries just way too common!)
Rm 16 /set

Before the arrival of my burger, let me arrange the "table setting" first, 
for my "burgerfie" purposes!

While waiting for the delicious burgers to be sent to my "table"
let's take a wefie first!

okay okay , foods is served!


The restaurant itself has a very nice setting with cool decoration.
i love the concept and also the color very much!

Do visit this 
PORK Free Juiciest Japanese Burger in Town!!
Born in Malaysia , Soul from Japan!
Operating Hour: 10am-10pm

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