Monday, February 24, 2014

[CLOSED]Tous Les Jours Malaysia @ Wolo Bukit Bintang

Opps ! Sorry  !  (high pitch) (American Slang)
lol.... yup , im addicted to Korean drama recently !!
So , here i go ... TLJ Malaysia @ Wolo!

So what does Tous les Jours stand for?
Hmm .. feel free to visit these two bloggers !
Blog which in Chinese:
Blog which in English:
First of all , i'm so crazy about Korean stuffs due to this 
My Love from the stars!
So I arranged a dates with my colleague to this newly open chain stores in Malaysia which located strategically at Bukit Bintang!
I told my colleague , our theme is "Korean"

Hahaha !!! Ya ya ya, the super craziness in me !! 
Sot jor! Poisoned jor! 

before i start my blog here , i really want to emphasize that 
i prefer Levain still ! Levain served the best breads that i ever had!
yeah , you know , i've been trying hard to work out and maintaining my body shape although i'm yet to tone up myself to the perfect abs line which i dream of , but never give up!  
Therefore , in order to control my diet well, i really have to go for the best BREADs in order not to waste the quota that i can consumed ... hope you understand it.  (°ヘ°)
and i'm really a breads lover!

The interior design of this bakery itself is so pleasantly alluring!
Have a look inside!

 It's so Grand! but the breads doesn't seem to attract me much! 
Anyway, their coffee is good! 

And they served Brunch as well. 

The selections of breads which draw my attention 

Its quite soft! not bad !  (",)

 The cappuccino @Rm8 and Mocha @Rm9

The price tag is very reasonable in this beautiful and grand interior designs bakery, which is good!
A good place for hang-out!

And the series of lovely photos taken by Mira!

Before i end , i would like to share you with some interesting ideas which i found from this bakery!
It's interesting and useful to me but maybe not to you.
 Anyway, I'm STILL GOING TO SHARE IT with you!

See that ? they provide USB charging port!
Aha, they are real thoughtful enough! 
There is many travelers around this Golden Triangle areas,
 traveler does need this kind of facilities with good foods and good drinks 
as a "pit stop" for next destination!

 opps! Sorry ! (high pitch) (American slang)
till then,
I'm going to watch my "stars" now....
Cheon Song-yi ...
Doo Min-joon...


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