Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DressyPat13 : Crop top mix & match

I know crop top has been a trend in Tokyo few years back....
But somehow it's only started... I mean you may started to see people wearing crop top in the shopping mall this very recently...

女友 magazine has such interpretation on crop top in their January issue...

The magazine mentioned that crop top would makes you look taller!

So how to dress it?  i mean mix and match it.....

Lacey top!

How I mix and match it....
 Do I look taller?
 How about this? The crop top working attire!

Meanwhile , I love geometric design as well....

You realize it? People mix and match with high waist pants! 

Yes , so do I!

Honest speaking, I rarely wear this skirt out cuz.... I don't really know how to mix and match it....
It look so funny....lol
Since then, why I bought it at the first place?
It's cost about Rm30 from Esprit Hong Kong... Wow ... Wow ... Wow....
Hmm... That's the reason! Buy and keep first !
 See, now I can match it with my crop top already! 
Isn't it?
It somehow does really make me look slimmer and taller!

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