Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tokyo Pastry

The entrance

The pastries...

The "pork free" menu

I love this pastry cafe so so much! Love the Oreo Choko Bun and the fruits tart especially!
btw , they use real good ingredients on all of their pastries,
the choko bun which i love is filled with Belgian Chocolate! Yummy~

errr.... I took only one slice of sandwiches since morning before i meet up with the gang at 2pm
We finished our Comic Fiesta 2013 tour at about 430pm
I was extremely famished when i arrived Tokyo Pastry,
i didn't go for my fave choko bun but a proper meal instead

Tokyo Omelette @Rm13 (with the herbs bread is kind of special!)

Hot Honey Lemon @Rm6

Terriyaki Chicken Katsu @Rm16  (non oily foods)

Black Charcoal Mille Crepe @Rm8.90  (personally i prefer Food Foundry)

Tokyo Melon @Rm3 , Cappuccino @ Rm8

And now the total damage is ......
a box?!
nah, the bill is inside the BOX!
so creative! lolx....

After filling our stomach to the max at Tokyo Pastry ...
we packed all the pastries in these boxes and going to post it to the readers!
hahaha..... you know i was kidding right, don't you ? hehe

Oh ya , in conjunction with Christmas and New Year , TOKYO PASTRY
 is having some Christmas & New Year Menus 

Don't mind , you may drop by this pastry cafe, there is another branch at Kota Damansara too..
Since Avenue K is a newly open cafe , therefore, 
there is more promotion in this branch if compare to the Kota Damansara

 Till here , Bye!

Tokyo Pastry @ Avenue K
Mezzanine level, Avenue K
Besides Muji / Pasta Zanmai

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