Sunday, December 22, 2013

Comic Fiesta Malaysia 2013

Yeay! I'm here today , a long waited Comic Fiesta!
I was warmly welcome by this super duper friendly Panda
early this year, i get to know this lady - Mira , she kind of "stalk" me
and she actually noticed that i follow one group call DollfieWorld in Facebook
there, she told me there is this yearly event in Malaysia - The Comic Fiesta
Here it is... my blog post about CF2013 which featuring by 



Well , i'm here for dollfie !! and Mirai !!!

Let's post about Mirai first ..
Please and please click on the video below to catch Mirai 3D performance!!
Its so amazingly perfect!

and the Mirai

Mirai is just so cool and i love it so much !!

how about the dollfie?!

Finally , i have the chance to see and "touch" and "feel" the real dollfie , no more look look see see from Facebook!!

How can we missed out the cosplayer?!
Here is their photos!
They are just so amazing and particular on the costumes details!
*thumbs up for them*  *kudos*

Hmm .... im kind of very very looking forward on to next year Comic Fiesta liao!!
See you , next year ! Comic Fiesta Malaysia!~

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