Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fashion Fake collar ?! Tie ?!

Today is a Saturday
i woke up early in the morning , went to wet market for breakfast
got home around 11 a.m and i ....
sleep till 3 p.m!
wow ... i skipped my lunch today   :)

and after i woke up at 3 p.m, i told myself
today i'm going to blog about my trips , post photos
at the end ..
this is what i did for today!

I remembered i saw one of my friend posting about the fake collar which she handmade and sell in Facebook

then, i started to think....
i pondering am i able to change this bracelet to fake collar?!
arh .. i can't  , it's too short!
out of sudden, my mind came across this idea..
how about a tie?

Sewing kits

Final Product

But of course , you no need to spend time doing all these if you really wish to own yourself a fake collar.
Visit my friend's store in Facebook! Hope you  ♥♥ something from her.   =D  

Enjoy your shopping!

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