Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DressyPat4: Patricia in Cheong Sam

I'm back !
Back from Macau-HK-ZhuHai

Attended one wedding in China, will update more about my trips
Let me post some of my Cheong Sam photos
 here first in this

Since this is a wedding held in China, so i thought of wearing my Cheong Sam
But... too bad ! I cant wear it , i became fatter.
Well, i still can wear it just tht not so comfortable on me

And ....
Non stop posing at the door

It is a lovely cheong sam and i think gold color suit my skin color a lot
I didnt wear this cheong sam to the wedding
Luckily , i got bring extra dress, else i really have to wear this cheong sam to attend the wedding

got to exercise hard for the following weeks in view that i ate a lot during my trips

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