Saturday, July 14, 2012

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

Finally im here

I'm not an extremely breads lover, but i do appreciate premium breads and pastries.

This is definitely a great place for people to hang out, and gathering!

Yup, French Style Bakery....
The entrance

Non Air-conditiong area

Air-conditiong area

I'm here for my Brunch, i was so indulged by the smell of breads and pastries once i entered this cafe!
Very good smell!

Here are some of the breads, there are a lot more!!
 The chocolate bar

The cakes and macaroons corner

The assorted tarts, salad, sandwiches....

Alright , this is my order.... I ordered the Earl Grey Lemon tea (Hot) RM6.50 as my drink.
It's unique! haha, Earl Grey with Lemon.. well , you know Lemon is high in Vitamin C, good for skin and health! Drink more, ladies!

Macaroon each at RM3.50, it's quite expensive. 
It's my first time tasting macaroons, always heard from friends that this is a fine pastry which not easy to handle if you going to make one for yourself, that is why the cost is so high.
Well, i don't really like macaroons, it's so sweet!
It's very very sweet, if you are not a sweet foods lover, please don't take, it's too expensive for "the size".

Cheese tart - Hmm, something you should try if you are a cheese lover!

Chocolate French Toast - hmmmm , sound special right , french toast but come with chocolate!
I don't really appreciate French Toast anyway! - This is not my order !  =)

I'm strongly recommend this Veggie Bread - RM5.50 of mine!
This is a wholemeal bread which has chili yong tou fu, shrimp, Lotus root, Broccoli , and cheese on top.
Premium and Delicious bread! My pick for today! 

Hmm .... Bill time.....

Something to share about this cafe. If you going to dine-in here , please remember to get yourself a table number first before you proceed to the cashiers. It is written on the board, but we were too excited and indulged by the bread smell, so we actually go to the bread & pastries sections first, then when we proceed to the cashiers, they ask for our table number, we were like "oh we need to get a table number first" . Anyway , it is written on the board, just we never noticed it!


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