Sunday, July 22, 2012

All I have to do is DREAMZ BAKERY...

I went to this place

hmm, how i get to know about this place?!
Thanks to my dear sister, she FB me that day
she was so happy that her friend got her some Hello Kitty Almond cookies from KL

Then, she introduce me to this bakery and  ....
im here!

So how was the feeling being first time here ?

Let us have some music …


(The feelings…..)

Alright, here are some of the snapshots of this little café

Well, this café is really good in it’s design…

The drawing on the wall…

The click-on-it notes on the net at the very corner of this cafe…
I would say photo booth corner?!

So now, let's start with the foods
I will still go for Levain, I’m so missed the foods there now…drooling…

Anyway, something nice and not to missed!

Layer cake! They called it as layer cake but I see it as Mille Crepe cake… hahaha…
Lemon Layer cake @RM9.50 , Strawberry Macaroon @RM3.80

Hmm .. sounded like i don't really fond for this Dreamz Bakery.....
After all,
this is definitely a worth visiting place for a cozy weekends afternoon!

Do have a visit and explore yourself if you drop by Kota Damansara.


  1. Looks like you frequent patisserie alot now :)
    I kinda like the Hello Kitty cookies too!

    1. if you let me know your big name , i would consider buy you the cookies , maybe! :)


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