Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be sincere and selfless

There is this speaker Andy Kaufman, PMP certified , which i met this morning !

Andy is a wonderful speaker who has the ability to influence the audience!
It was really an awesome day to attend his talk which inspired me a lot!
oh well , i target myself at his place ! It is a big big dream for me!
I told myself, i want to be an influencing person just like him!

However, i'm going to write something out of topic, i mean out of him -  Andy Kaufman.
I'm thinking he is wonderful because he do not mind to share his tips with people.
He was being selfless, so instead of being self-centered, today i wanted to be selfless!

Let me share some of my personal tips which i learnt through the experiences.
I love sharing, talking, writing,  and presenting!

There is a to-do-list to be done normally before my presentation.

Before the presentation, i would run through the attendance list, and try my best to memorize the name of the audience.
It only applicable to small group presentation.(10-20 participants)

Why do i need to memorize the name list?

There is always a Q & A session or maybe some questions from the audience during the presentation.

For example:
John: Hi Pat , can i disturb you for a while? I would like to know how do u get this answer?
Pat: Hi John, you were saying that you would like to know how i get this answer , am i right ?

The reason for me to repeat the question was purely because i wanted to kill two birds with one stone.
By doing so, it allowed me to have more time allowance to think for the answer,
same time it allowed me to ensure the audience manage to catch the question.
It is always my honours to remember the name of the participant, therefore, i would normally address the participant first before i repeated the question. Sometime, the audience would give you shocking face as they dont expect you to remember their name! 

In a way, you actually leaving a good impression of yourself to the audience as they know that you appreciate the interaction in between and also the fellowship.

Wonderful , huh ?

Appreciation always start from the sincerity in depth of you.
Be sincere and selfless.

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