Wednesday, May 30, 2012

♥My first Baju Melayu!♥

Yup ... my long waited baju melayu is ready!
And i just can't wait to blog about it!
If you refer to my earlier blog, i mentioned that i'm going to design my own dress...
Yup .... yup ... yup ...

ta da ! the outcome!
it's pretty satisfying , it follow exactly on the sketch which i choose from the 3 choices...
if you refer to this sketch, which would you choose ? 
hmm .. i choose the first one ! 

the special inspired sleeve (Patricia's idea! hehe)

the special layered shoulder part

the full body

Well , i can't wait to put it on for any official events ! So , gals there , wait for my next updates k?

♥ Happy ♥

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