Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home-made strawberry jam

So , what can you do during your weekend?

Hmm... Ehhh..... Strawberry jam! Ah ha.... Home-made Strawberry jam! Cooking is fun, spend time meeting interesting friend (my shi fu) and figure creative ideas in life was really something enjoyable throughout the boring weekend.
Shall we start ? Alright, let's go....

Firstly , go to the market and get yourself a box of strawberry...

And cut into smaller pieces...

Pour sugar inside the container and cover the strawberry.

eh? so how much sugar do i need to pour in?
Does this question come across your mind? No?! Oh no....this is a Very Important question yo~
The answer is...
1/3 of the strawberry's weight

Said for example , i bought this strawberry at 250g, and i shall add in 80g of sugar.

After that, put inside the fridge for at least 4 hours. You will see the magic later...

tik tok tik tok....
After a few hours...
Reverse osmosis work in this case!

Strawberry was flooded with juice!

Now, i need to sterilize my GLASS bottle (only glass bottle please)

Pour the strawberry and its juice into the wok

Heat up the wok. Starting to cook the strawberry and stir it tilll it become thickening

Pour it inside the glass bottle which had been sterilized earlier on.
Okay now, turn on your fan and let's
air drying it..

Finally we are done! Keep inside the fridge.
Since this is a non perservative added product
Please finish it soon as possible before you regret! ^_*

I love to eat my jam with crackers or home-made cookies (coming soon)!
My dad love to mix my jam with vanila Ice-Cream!  =_="

Note : Ever since i tasted this home-made strawberry jam, i don't really like those strawberry jam in the supermarket.  (",) have it a try and i believe you will have the same feeling as me. Do a little part to live a healthy life!

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