Friday, February 24, 2012

~Arhh.. muddled head~

There is this lovely dress which i bought online in my wardrobe...I love this really much... and it was really cheap at that kind of price and the good quality.

However , good thing don't last long.... how sad .... One sunny afternoon , i was doing my laundry household, throw every cloths inside the washing machine. Gong .. kong ... gong ... kong ....
Oh gosh ... my lovely dress might gone !! Well , as what i guessed , it was really gone case... I can't wear it anymore... pearls and lace all get stuck together !

But , if you know me well , you know i love to i RE-DESIGN it.. it live in my life again! How wonderful.. hooray !

Here come my proud designs ...

NanaPatricia Designer's Shawl


NanaPatricia Inspired's Bracelet

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