Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~Handphone pouch~

This is my lovely samsung S2 , yup , i decorate myself the handphone cover ! They said it looks girlish .. but i wonder why every gal love to say..."it look girlish" but at the end , they cant help to touch on it .. lol , i guess it is so called contradicting...................

There are so many handphone pouch on the market , yet i could not get one for my Samsung S2 . Cuz ... there is none fit for my S2.... Sad ?! hmm .... Apple still rules the market huh ~!

I thought for a while , maybe i could sew one for myself , custom made it to fit my phone ONLY. Alright , i get one UNWANTED blouse, cut the cloths and I started my sewing project. Its turn out not bad!

Well , since it is just another item to protect my phone, i brought it out everyday with me either to work or anywhere! My colleagues or friends started to take up this piece of small item and have a look at it, normally i will tell them the truth, i made it myself. Some of them questioned me back , what are the things i added in to make it "puffy"? 

Arh ... puffy !! what are the puffy things inside ?? 
It's the cloth watse from the same material, i cut it into pieces, slices
(sounded like cutting meats) "p

The making process

Unwanted blouse, this blouse has a satin kind of fabric material
Measure the size and cut it into two piece of cloths, two piece of cloth for double layer

Small baby pin to fix the position

Final product!

Well , after experiment on this satin kind of fabric material , i still prefer cotton kind of fabric , more SOLID feeling.

Sound difficult ?! hmm ... approach me if you really interested to do this ...

And well , if you are Apple supporter , you may get vary kind of pouches from the market ! (",)  

I sew it myself out of NO CHOICE.

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