Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~ And i said ....something pearly ....~

Well , a dress i bought online ... STRAIGHT A cut dress , can see from the photo above , it was really LOOOOOOOOOng and over knee length which i don't like ... Here , we go ... my EVOLUTION project.....

I love pearls a lot ... so today im going to show something pearly to you gals...

Tada ...

uhmmm... well ... YES , i redesign it .. it was a below knee length dress, and it was straight A cut ... But ... i redesign the bottom part , to make it volumize , this dress has a good fabric , the fabric is similar to those bridal gown , so just do some magic on it , top up with some pearls .. HERE WE ARE extremely pearly dress !!!

hmm ... sometimes a normal dress can be so much different after we do some 'editing'..

Good Luck All~

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