Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Baby 18 @ 2002  我的第一首创作,属于18岁的声音,听起来有点青涩。。哈哈。。但是我还是好喜欢你,因为你是我的开始,也是最初,谢谢你了 baby 18 。。。
这首歌给我留下的回忆是满满的感动。。 19岁那年的生日午后,接到了eryn从澳洲的来电。。电话那端的生日祝福,接着的midi 。。 熟悉的音律。。是的,一个梦的midi演奏版。。你可曾知道,这份感动,我一直收到现在,这份礼物我一直放在记忆库存里。。谢谢你,亲爱的。。真的是份感动的礼物。。

那天我做了一个梦,一个叫我该醒了的梦,还记得那是清晨5点,被一个梦惊醒,梦也洗净了我的脸。。起身以后,擦了眼泪,开始了我的第一份创作。。同时也谱好了曲。。对很多人而言,这首歌的曲太简单了。。但是它是我的回忆,曾经走过的痕迹。。 我的18岁。。谢谢你Baby 18.

My first ever compose. Was completed in year 2002, I was 18 yrs old during that time!

On my 19yrs old birthday , that day, that year, I received a call from Australia. Quick after one ‘Happy Birthday’ from a sweet voice, one nice MIDI was playing at the background of the call. Oh gosh … my song!!! My song in MIDI now ~!

I was really surprised and words just couldn’t express my feeling during that time! It was really the most meaningful and unforgettable present back in year 2003.

Lastly , thanks to you , Baby 18, you were once my first ever compose , you were the starting point , you recorded my sweet 18!
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