Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Baby 21 @ 2005

这不是我的第一首创作,是2005年的作品,它很争气的在同年被搬上舞台。。但台上的表现似乎并非理想。。这是首soft rock,很感谢编曲人的帮忙,虽然让我唱得快要断气。。顾名思义,这首歌是写给刘芳琪的,所以我很喜欢这首歌。。很符合喜欢轻摇滚,不喜欢重摇滚的自己。。demo的收音欠缺理想。。大家就多包涵,多指教吧~

This is not my first composing , its belong to my year 2005 's compose. This compose being brought up to the stage on the same year its release in my University. This is a soft rock and its written about myself, therefore I love this song a lot. Demo version was not so perfect as the live version on stage in my University. However ,still hoping you guys does enjoy it ~

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