Friday, February 9, 2018

🐾 Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty Tokyo Japan 😻

Okay .. how can a Japan trip ended without visiting Hello Kitty or Sanrio Puroland?
Tokyo Hello Kitty Cafe

eh ...  it's true that i did not manage to visit to Sanrio Puroland..
I managed to visit this London Themed Hello Kitty Cafe!

Well, Hello Kitty got famous from Japan,
but surprisingly , trusted source said that Hello Kitty was born in London!
Hmm ... at this point, i'm blur , anyone can tell me the true story?
Tokyo Hello Kitty Cafe

arh ... just forget it and let's proceed to foods and drinks!
Personally i feel the foods and drinks choices are real limited in this cafe...
hello kitty cafe menu

and not much stuff that looks tempting to me....
except the "expensive" Hello Kitty souvenirs

So, i've ordered a cup of hot chocolate and a mochi for myself and my table-mate, Hello Kitty!

The mochi taste really good, i personally feel that Japanese make the best mochi in the world!
Cafe de Miki Japan

I remember the Star Wars themed Mochi
which i've tried in Tokyo Disneyland tasted very good as well!

Apart from the foods, there are many Hello Kitty Plush surround you in the cafe!

Almost every table got one Hello Kitty Plush for you!
so you don't have to fight with others!

Alright, i shall end here since there is nothing much for me to talk about this cafe!
i feel i should have give this cafe a missed since beginning...
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hello kitty coffee arts

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