Friday, October 13, 2017

How i move from Blogger to Google Domains?

Yup, i'm officially a domains owner!
Yoohoo ~

I started as a Blogger by using Google Blogger. Yeah , im Google supporter!
Therefore, it was really a happy news that we can purchase domain name/.com from 

But here come the problem when Google Domains flagged out this line
'Uh-oh, There was a problem' to me..
The problem was because i bought the domain outside of US!
it is so unfair! does anyone know why? Why Google don't allow?
Anyway, as i mentioned earlier, i love and support google so much! 
So i Google-ed!
And here is the Internet Saviour's answer!
You may refer to him , if you would like to buy a domain URL 
from Google Domains outside of US!
i did it through his tutorial and
i bought my Google Domain successfully from Malaysia!

After that , the important steps , how to redirect your blogspot address to your new domain?

Step 1 : go to Settings > Basic
Step 2:  Look for Publishing > Blog Address
Step 3: Your domain url should appear at this field box here automatically if you've purchased the domain from Google Domains. Mine was like that, appears on it's own.
Step 4: Checked/ Tick on the box to redirect your blogspot address to this new domain URL

And then you are DONE!  Congratulations on your new domain name!
how to connect blogspot to domain

So i'm really happy with it, with my Blogger and Google Domains integrated!
The sweetest meet for both
Blogger and Google Domains.

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