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🌏 Melbourne Tour Reviews (Philips Island, Bathing Boxes, Moonlit Sanctuary) 🐧🐨

Woo hoo!! 
Highlights of my Melbourne Trip!
Philips Island , Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes & Moonlit Sanctuary!
Go West Tours Melbourne reviews

We've booked a tour package via

i'm glad that we've made the right choice with Go West Tours Victoria
Our tour started with a warm welcomed from Scott to us.
Scott was our tour guide, he is humorous , attentive & caring !
Brighton beach

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes was our first stop!
Scott explained clearly on the history of the bathing box
which are informative as we walked along the beach
to admire the beauty of the"little houses"!

Me with the "houses"
Brighton beach bathing boxes

Trying hard to have a nice kicking pose but failed!

I'm better back to my normal mode~

sayang , Melbourne CBD !

After bathing boxes, we continue our journey to Moonlit Sanctuary!
This is my first time seeing Kangaroo and Wallabies!
they are SO CUTE!
i've fallen for them!

I didn't have much expectation on Moonlit Sanctuary as i thought the highlight of the trip
should be Little Blue Penguin!
But i was wrong , Kangaroos and Wallabies are so much cuter if compare to photos on the internet!

Wild wombat
Cute little wombat

Oh ya.. You can feed the animals too!
It was fun and great experience!

And the mom and baby wallaby!

And the Koala.. Err.. Not my favorite tho..

After our sight seeing at Nobbies Center..

We are ready for the penguin parade!
photo credit to
Look at me , all set with binoculars and podcast!

i'm all set and ready!

We've booked the Guided Ranger Tour,
no doubt, it is a little bit pricey
but confirm worth the money that you've paid for
This guided ranger tour is so informative and so much fun!

Okay, follow me!

These are the home for little penguin!
And if you are lucky, you may spotted some penguin here!

P.S: no photograph is allowed. 
Flash light is harmful to penguin. 
Please do not think that "my mobile phone has no flash light" bla bla bla kind of excuses. 
Please be respect and be cooperate.
Above photo was captured and cut from one of my video. And it was taken during day time.

I was able to see the general view seating area from our platform.

We were very close to the usual path for the penguin to return home
we saw waddle of penguins came up from the sea from our platform!
but if i look at general view seating area,
 I doubt if they can have the same views unless they bring own binoculars.

it was really amazing to see Penguin Colony on the land.
We're pretty lucky on the way back as we get to see
Penguins Crossing!
Again , waddle of penguins crossing the road!
Right in front of me , cuz so happen that i was walking on the first row when
penguin were coming to cross the road...

Tips: Remember to wear warm as the weather can be very cold!
Don't forget to grab a burger from the cafe , very tasty!

and redeem your free coffee too as well! (for guided ranger tour)

lastly,  don't forget to lift up your head and have a look at the sky above your head! Surprise! 

Overall, we are very happy with the tour guide, the transportation arrangement,
the music arrangement in the car, the information provided on the place of interest & etc
come together as a great package
which has left us with great memories about Melbourne Victoria

I strongly recommend you to take a tour package instead of self drive to Philips Island!

Anyway, a holidays is meant for sit and relax!
Take the tour and excuse yourself from all the hassle!
Why not?

It's a wrap of the tours!
Hit play to enjoy my video below!


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