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🌏 琪“æ¾³”旅途 : Gastronomy Tour 🍔 🍜 🍹

okay .. finally the foodie post!
hardware societe tripadvisor

in this post here , i'm going to share with you on 
some of the foods that i've tried during my trip! 

The Hardware Societe @ Hareware St. food reviews
The Hardware Societe is a french pastries cafe
the restaurant is always packed with customers and please expect a long Q outside of the restaurant.
look at the long Q!
and the menu
hardware societe tripadvisor menu

me with the coffee

dishes for three of us!
hardware societe tripadvisor

Baked Eggs TROIS 
(scallops , cauliflower puree & leek)

The Hardware Societe @ Hareware St. food

i must give credit to the cauliflower puree, it was so smooth or creamy
till i've forgotten that it was a cauliflower puree instead of mashed potatoes !
Of course cauliflower puree is less fattening if compare to potatoes (carbo)!
grilled scallops blend in well with my cauliflower puree (butter and pepper)
as you can see from the photo!

Benedicts HAM
(sliced ham , hollandaise, romesco sauce, 64 degree eggs)

The Hardware Societe @ Hareware St. food

As seen from the photo , sliced ham is the main character obviously ,
we have no doubt about it ..
romesco sauce blend in well with the mince meat (taste like bolognese ?!)
64 degree eggs is another highlight to me ..
64 degree .. hmm .. sounded like the egg was cook in 64 degree boiling point of water!
well , it's just a perfect cooked
poached eggs!
the poached eggs was topped with fluid-shear hollandaise sauce...

Roasted Mushrooms 
(herb roasted field mushrooms , white beans puree, 64 degree eggs)

hardware societe tripadvisor

it was definitely a perfect & superb sauteed mushrooms!
very tasty! chewy !
a little bit of saltiness from the mushroom mixed well with the lighter taste of puree!
 i think Hardware Societe did
pretty well in puree!
very yummy! if you are someone who dislike puree (baby's food)
you should try their's!
Unforgettable taste!

Queen Victoria Market @ Queen St.

If you don't know where to look for breakfast ..
you should not have missed this market in Melbourne City!
it's like an integrated shopping paradise from poultry, seafood, produces, vegetable, souvenirs
cooked hot foods!
i love the cooked foods section the most!
you should come with empty stomach!
first thing first , start your morning with a cup of coffee!

Market Lane Coffee served the best coffee according to Tripadvisor!
That is why long Q! you got to wait for a while for your coffee..
We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it..
 how about me?
why not..
we love to make coffee for the person who knows to appreciate coffee ? (nah, i know it's crap)

Okay , after purchased the coffee, lets start to get some real food deals!

Personally i prefer Turkish dish a lot!
especially this Burek!

Btw, i've went to this market for 3 times during my stay in Melbourne!
See how much love ♥ ♥ ♥ i've given to this Queen Victoria Market!

and if you are a cheese lover , you can taste the cheese here on the spot!
and i will recommend you to go for Brie Cheese! Trust my taste~ ^_*

Guess what is this? isn't it lovely ?

No .... they are not real flowers!

They are handcraft soap!
Wow , i wish i have this kind of magic hands!

Next , is the seafoods, poultry, produces, vegetables, fruits & etc!

Oyster must eat it raw and fresh at the market !  Very delicious and FRESH!
 I repeat
very fresh!

I went back hotel with jam-packed of raw foods for my whole week of food supplies !
Continue to read till the end and i will showcase my cooking skills to you in this post!

Hopetoun Tearooms @ Block Arcade food reviews
I was introduced to this Hopetoun Tearooms by my BFF - Jamaline 
know what , it was rated no.1 in tripadvisor! Wow!
So , no doubt , do expect a long Q...

since i was travel SOLO ( which means She Only Lives Once, lame ! who isn't? )
i cant get to eat a lot ...
hopetoun tearooms melbourne

I've ordered a piece of tart and rose lavender teas.

i do envy with others table who get to try the variety of choices!

hopetoun tearooms

Go crazy right ? by looking at the selections!

iI Tempo Pizza @ Degraves St. food reviews
II Tempo Pizza served authentic Italian foods - handmade pasta & pizza!

photo with the neighbor.

photo front of the restaurant.

Now ... the handmade pasta

and the handmade pizza!

you wont believe in how thoughtful are the Italian when talked about foods!
when you first bite this pizza , you get to taste the condiments topping..
and slowly when you bite till the end,
the crust /dough part ..  you can taste little bit of saltiness!
ah-ha , that's the secret of this pizza! they added in some salt in the dough!
especially the crust part~ so that you wont get tasteless for your every bites!
Every details count! from the first bite till the last bite!

I've started to believe that Italian are gang of people who has a believe in
(google this word if you're curious)

HomeCook @ NanaPatricia's Kitchen
Tada... my cooking showcase!
Porter house steak

Baked potatoes with scallop

Grilled scallops & grilled pork sausages

Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon
Foods along the SOLO journey
pretty chin-chai~
and thanks for reading this long till here!
Patricia Coffee Brewers

Pho Beef @ Mekong Chinatown

Sesame Ramen nearby to QV Center

饺子 from Little Shanghai

Ramen @ Swanston Street

Trampoline Gelato @ Southgate

Hit play to enjoy my vlog!

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