Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pelican Cruise Halong Bay Vietnam Review ♥♥♥


I'm glad that I've decided to write about Halong Bay Pelican Cruise Trip review!

first thing first, 
Let my video speaks all the stories!

I can't agree more that Pelican Cruise is definitely a 
Luxury Cruise (one of the best in Halong Bay)
you can get more details from here

You will get everything you see from the website!
The experience was fantastic!

Here is the itinerary at the receptionist counter

We were served with hot meal (buffet) by the friendly crew!

After the meal, you can go to the deck, 

watching the cruise sailing into the Halong Bay from the dock

it's windy and cooling!

Then, onboard the small boat, Tip Top Island, we are coming!

Tip Top island is a must go!

The view from the top of the hill .. 
one word to describe


That's the power of GOD , the creator

It took about 400-500 steps to reach the peak of the hill 
Well, 400-500 steps does sound a lot , but worth it!
if you don't want to do hiking , you can go for a swim at the beach !

Tips: the staircase can be a little bit steep, so, be watchful!

After tip top island , went back to the cruise and get ready for 
cooking class
authentic popiah!
After that , it will be our 7 course meal dinner!

The dinner was delicious and sumptuous!

 i'm kind of regretting that i didn't suggest to my frens to bring along a nice dress
at least for this "Gala Dinner"

After the dinner, i went for squid fishing

didn't manage to catch any squid BUT 
we bump into 

so HUGE!  
too excited for it!!
first time having this kind of face to face meet up 
it is way too better than 'glass to glass' meet up (aquarium)

Next day morning, if you are early enough, 
you can join the crew for Taiji Lesson, 
im not that early though, 
so, let's take a YOGA-fie!

After the breakfast ,

we have another 'hiking' activity 
we are going to Surprise Cave!

It's a rainy day, so the crew prepared us some raincoat!

Click on the video link below for more insights of the Surprise Cave!
There is a reason why they called it as Surprise Cave.


After the cave exploring trip , we went back to the cruise again 
for our last meal on board the cruise. 

Overall, we have fun on the cruise!

and if you ever plan to visit Halong Bay, 
please spend a little bit more money for a good cruise trip experience!

You wont be regretting!
You will definitely go home with tons of sweet memories..


Tips : Best time to visit Halong Bay = Nov - Feb . Weather cooling . Less rain . The sea is calm all year round (no need to scare of seasick~)


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