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How to go to Nami Island from Seoul by using ITX?

In this post, i'm going to share about my experience going to Nami Island 
from Seoul!

We purchased our 2-days flexible pass from Let's Korail - link
Why we choose 2-days flexible pass?
Flexible pass means you can choose two dates from your travelling period. 
KR pass is accessible for KTX, ITX  but not for normal subway. 
Well, you can take subway to Nami Island if you want to, the cons would be 
it take longer time to arrive at Gapyeong station.
(Min 3 hrs including transit and waiting period)
So we option for ITX, which is a quicker way to Gapyeong station 
(took about 40min from Cheongnyangni station)

How to redeem KR Pass?
  1. After purchase your KR Pass online , you need to print out the document , bring your passport , credit card which you used for the KR pass purchase to certain station such as Incheon Airport or Seoul station etc to redeem for your train ticket. 

2. Upon arrive at Incheon Airport, i went straight to the counter and redeem my train ticket. Follow the signboard to KTX and look for this counter, it is very near to Burger King. The friendly staff in Hanbok able to speak fluent English and they will assist you to verify your document, you need to provide your travel date to them at this point of time. I've selected the morning slot, around 9:15am from Cheongnyangni station, my hotel just two stations away from Cheongnyangni station. (i would advise you to take an even earlier ITX)
Note : don't forget to select your return ITX from Nami Island. I missed this step and i could not secure myself with return ticket from Gapyeong station on my visitation date to Nami Island. The earliest available slot for me is 9:20pm from Gapyeong station! 

How to go Nami Island from Cheongnyangmi Station?
1. Cheongnyangni station (ITX station) and Cheongnyangni station (subway station) are two different station , you need walk for about 100m after exit from the metro station, please follow the signboard and you will see this station right beside Lotte Departmental Store. 

2.  Arrive at Cheongnyangni station, go to information counter, friendly staff will assist you and inform you on your platform number. 
Note: There is a special entrance for those who having KR Pass. 
Inside the Cheongnyangni station
 3.  You should be able to know your cabin number and seat number from the KR pass ticket. For my case, I was assigned to Cabin No.2 and Seat no.3A.

4. Watch out for the train station from the screen. Not to worry, each train station would be announced in Korean , Japanese, Mandarin and English! 

5. Once alight at Gapyeong station , walk out and you will see a bus station right in front of the station. This is the view from the bus station.

6.  Now is the tricky part , you can option for taking a cab to Nami Island Immigration point or grab a tour bus at KRW 6,000 (Rm24). Below is the tour bus timetable, you are at Gapyeong Station, going to Nami Island. I took 11:10am that slot, it was pretty late.  Therefore, please select a much more earlier ITX. 

Please remember to keep your bus ticket !
This the ticket for your whole day journey from one destination to another!

7.  The tour bus will bring you to Nami Island immigration point on time as per schedule. There are two options for you to enter Namiseom. 
By Ferry 

or by 
Zip Wire!  Cost around KRW38,000 (Rm152), 
which include of the Visa Entry and return Ferry!

And we took up the challenge!
We entered Namiseom by Zip Wire! 
Click to view my video ! 


i'm using Samsung NX mini from

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