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Must know travel tips before you go to Korea!

1 . Research from internet / bloggers 

You should do a lot of research online.

  •  Internet :  Visit Korea Tourism Website


  •  Bloggers :  few of the bloggers compilation

  •                                               i did before hand

  • * KampungboyCitygal 

  • Link  (english)

  • * Pretty Lady - ChloeWL 

  • Link  (english)

    • Sunshine Lady - Janey

    •  Link  (english)

      • SuperBeauty - 

        • NanaPatricia
      • Link  (bilingual)  

2 . KTO Malaysia

If you are a Malaysian like me ...
you are really lucky !!
know why ? 
Remember to check out KTO Malaysia at 
Menara Hap Seng , KL
to grab some freebies / vouchers before 
your Korea 
Free & Easy trip !
no joke ! 
up to 30% discount for Lotte World 
admission fee 
and many more!!
Please ... i beg you ..
find out the details from list below

3 . Transportation 

You should do a lot of research online. 

like from airport to hotel , 

took a subway (MRT / LRT)

 is more convenience to you 

or a bus ...

As we have to consider the condition
 at subway station, whether is it .. 
"luggage friendly?" 
Yup , to check if there is 
escalator/ lift at the metro station 
which you heading to... 
Do i need to walk a lot ? 
Hey , carry a heavy luggage and 
walk for a long distance, 
no joke !
giving you some ideas on the staircase...

Why dont you consider taking a bus ? 
So you can have a chance to sit and relax 
and have a nice view.... 
looking at the highway , traffics etc ...  xoxo   
Another option would be , taking a cab ... 
from Myeongdong/Seoul Station to Dongmyo 
cost you around KRW5,000 (Rm20)

4 . Read the subway map 
you should learn to read the subway map ! 
it is pretty simple, 
each station has a unique station number, 
don't feel lost , follow the number!

 don't forget to download this apps called 
Korea Subway from the playstore (here)

There is a few tips here to navigate this apps. this apps has more information if you switch your language to Chinese. The forum in Chinese is much more active than English!

Steps to change your language:

Go to setting

 select the language and change it to Chinese!

Done! I hope you find it useful to you.  

5 . Connectivity , WiFi 

Hmm ... why i choose D7 Suites Residence? 

that's because they do provide 

rental portable wifi , for free .. 

since i'm the h

otel guest!
If not , you can also get the RM100 for 
10days sim card 
from various stores or here (link)

6 . Packing the right clothing 
Firstly , check the weather from Google , 
Secondly , log-in to Instagram, 
search for location hashtag, 
for example , if you are going to myeongdong , 
search for "#myeongdong", 
look at how others dress themselves 
from the instagram photo!
just like my example show below ,
 it was pretty hot weather in Korea even Autumn!

A photo posted by Nana Patricia (@_nanapatricia_) on
Thirdly , visit my post here for more info on
how to pack light / travel hacks

6 . Train your stamina!
As seen from point no.2, 
you need to climb staircase a lot!
There isn't a lot of escalator available at 
each metro station..
and there are a lot of exit in each metro station, 
up to 10 exits! 
the distance can be quite far from 
one another subway station 
Therefore, look for the correct exit so you 
don't have to walk a lot unnecessary. 

7 . About TAX Refund!

Seoul is a shopping paradise ,
shopping in Seoul was really great and 
wonderful experience, 
especially buying cosmetics!
furthermore, all goods are tax free!
so , do not forget to get your tax refund 
from the airport or selected counter 
located at tourist area
before you leave Korea.
Another thing to take note, 
everyone love to travel Korea
and everyone love to shopping in Korea
therefore , there is always a long Q
 at the tax refund counter!
A really very long Q!
You really need to go to aiport earlier
 if you would like to get 
your money back!


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