Monday, June 27, 2016

DressyPat23 : OOTD with the new fashion label - Yang!

hmm.... it has been a long long time that I did not update my blog !
Well , i've a few pending post , yeah PENDING... 
pending for me to type ...

Hmm, i'm suppose to start writing for those posts... 
But , i was too excited to jump the que for my new found love - YANG productions!

visit this new label - Yang 
for more!
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I bought these two items from Yang , one cap and a tote bag ! 
Both are handmade by the seller !

And the quality is fantastic !
I love it so much ! 
I believe in

love my new cap so much now! it is so stylish ! 

It's definitely an "attraction" when you walked on the street!
It 's shocking Pink eh! Love it to the moon lah!

The cap is adjustable as you seen from the photo,
therefore it is one size fit for all !

The fashion label.

The Studded Totebag is so lovely and comfy!
You need to get one to understand my word - "comfy"!
where got ppl describe bag as comfy one? 
Check it out and you will know WHY!!

This totebag will be the new cloths for my 
LAPTOP! able to fit in one 15" laptop with laptop cover!
Others than as a laptop bag , i also used it for my documents/files!
it's so trendy!

Check out the video posted by me~

Stay tuned !
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