Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Birthday Treat @ Marini's on 57!

Happy Birthday to NanaPatricia!
on this special day , her hubby brought her to an award winning Italian restaurant!
yeah , she loves Italian foods.. 
marini 57 menu price

What does M stand for ? 
M stand for Malaysia !
and also the iconic restaurant located at the heart of KL
Marini's on 57!

This posh restaurant definitely worth every single cents that you spent here!

We were welcome by the friendly crew, who explained the menu for us , 
who volunteered to take photo for us , who make us feeling HOME 
in the restaurant!

After we placed our order, the crew brought up a basket of breads!
All sort of breads! so delicious!

and a welcome delicacy!

Which is so cute and special! look at the photo! 
delicacy which we need to pluck from the plant!

and the main course ....

hmmm .. 
my hubby ordered Rombo for me...
Pardon me for the quality of the photo ..

Rombo is one of the signature dish which is Pan-fried turbot fish served with .....
well , i cant remember the ingredient!
arh ! but i did remember there is poached egg
and i preferred his steak more!

have a sip of red wine!
it combine well with the red meat!

after the sumptuous meal and when we called the bill 

lots of surprises started coming in from the crew!

i have to confess , i love the surprises and the sincerity from Marini's on 57 was definitely felt for the night!
The crew brought up a box of chocolate for us to choose !

and each of us received a bag of croissant which suggested as tomorrow's breakfast!

so thoughtful !!

i'm totally melted lah!
it is definitely a night to remember!

Marini's on 57 definitely is a great way for you to pamper yourself once in a blue moon!
Because you are worth it!

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