Thursday, January 7, 2016

German cookies - biscuit that melt from your mouth to your heart ! (Thermomix TM31 + Philips Air Fryer recipe)

Happy 2016 !
it's year of Monkey this year!

I baked this German Cookies back in 2015 CNY - it's a year of Goat! 
my beloved sister is officially 24 yrs old in the year of Goat! 
These 3 sheep represent three of us , myself , my 2nd brother and my sister!

Alright , let's back to the topic ! Here you go , the recipe ! 

Thermomix German Cookies 
110g       Butter soften
  40g       Icing sugar
125g       Potato Starch (sifted)
  80g       Plain flour (sifted)

1. Place butter, icing sugar, into TM bowl ,    MC , 3 min , sp3
2. Add in Potato Starch , flour ,     MC , 20 sec , sp4
3. Divide to around 9g each. (refrigerator for 30min to 1 hour for easier shaping purposes)

i used black sesame seed as the eyes of the sheep and chocolate chips as the ear of the sheep!  
4. Preheat oven at 160°c and bake for 15min.
( i used Philips Air Fryer , preheat 160°c  3min , cookies lined on the basket and AF  160°c  10min.)

Question: Can airfryer bake cookies? The answer is a BIG YES ! Philips Air Fryer can bake cookies !!

Cookies from Air Fryer ~
Match your cookies with a cup of hot coffee!

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