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Thermomix TM31 Oreo Cheese Cake Recipe

It's the season of Valentines !!!
So what is 14 Feb ?!
For those who are in love..
It is Valentine's day!

For those who have broken up...
It is Independence day! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

For those who are in Single... 

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Alright , after the good laugh , let's back to the topic

Grab his heart is just a piece of cake!!

 yop ! gal out there , Guru Patty going to teach you how to grab his heart with a piece of cake !
As a beginner, lets start from something easy!
Non baked Chilled Oreo Cheese Cake!
thermomix cheese cake
my cheesecake in Oct 2016

Guru Patty with her gastronomy tasting!
First thing first , you need a cake mould..
Guru would like to advise you , get a smaller cake mould if it is your first time..
Reason because i don't like to waste foods , and i dont pay 100% trust on the recipe i got online (yup, don't trust my recipe 100% since i got it online as well)
Baking is an individual assignment.  ^_^

Based on my baking journey , i get to discover new thing every time i baked !
and , im not joking with you , i have done this oreo cookies cake for .... 5-6 times? hehe...
i never throw it away (is a 0% failure recipe by the way), just that i want the right taste! the taste that suit me! this is the wonderful thing about
home cook!
design your own taste of cake!
Alright , cake mould , where to get it , you can get it from Jusco or Bake with Yen
For 4" round shape cake mould , Jusco is selling at Rm12.90 but Bake with Yen is relatively cheaper or maybe half of the price!

And dear , get a mould with the lock buckle
You know , sometimes presentation is very important , maybe your cake is not perfect , but your presentation will change the taste bud eventually.

I'm a 过来人, i used to have a cake mould without lock buckle, when i tried to take out my cake and put it on the plate, that was so much trouble and difficult for me to put it nicely on the plate!
It was a total mess!

So , dont repeat my mistake , get a lock buckle cake mould.

There is two types of recipe here ,  Recipe by using Thermomix or without Thermomix. (feel free to contact me for any enquiry about Thermomix)

Without Thermomix (chinese)
You might need to cut half for the filling (材料1+2+3+4) since this is for 8" cake mould, however , it is optional for you if you don't want to cut half of your base (底部材料) , another option is , get two 4" cake mould   ^_^

免烤 [OREO芝士蛋糕]
底部材料: 200g OREO饼干(里面的陷要取出) 165g 融化牛油 (隔水煮溶)
材料:① 250g Fresh cream (thickened cream)
材料:② 20g 鱼胶粉 Gelatin Powder to form the filling 60g 热水
材料:③ 25g 柠檬汁
材料:④ 500g cream cheese(离冰箱1/2个小时先才做) 150g 糖粉
做法: 1. OREO饼干和融化牛油加在一起拌匀,过后平均按压在模型器里(要压紧),过后放进冰箱半小时。
2. 材料①加在一起打至creamy,过后放入冰箱。
3. 鱼胶粉和热水在一起拌匀,代凉。
4. 材料③加在一起拌匀,待用。
5. 材料④加在一起用中速度打至软和带点亮的感觉。
6. 待凉的鱼胶粉一起加入打至均匀。
7. 再加入fresh cream,分成三次搅拌均匀。(记得放入fresh cream后就要用容器搅拌咯)
8. 放入以冷冻了的oreo饼干里面,冷藏5~6小时/隔夜。

Thermomix Oreo Cookies Cheese Cake (english)
Oreo Base
150g Oreos
50g Butter

Cookies and Cream
150g Oreos
100g icing sugar 
500g cream cheese
3 tsp Gelatin Powder (15g)
60g Boiling water
25g Lemon Juice
200g Thickened cream

Oreo Base
1.Place Oreos into mixing bowl and chop 5 sec/speed 5.  Set aside.
2.Place butter into mixing bowl and melt 2 min/ 50°C/ speed 1.
3.Add chopped Oreos and combine 5 sec/speed 5.
4.Press into 22cm cake tin.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Mixture
5.Place Oreos into mixing bowl and chop 5 sec/speed 4. Set aside.
6.Place sugar into mixing bowl and mill 5 sec/speed 9 
7. Add Cream Cheese and combine 1 min/speed 4.
8.Dissolve gelatin in boiling water then add to mixture, with lemon juice and thickened cream on 1 min/  Blade reverse button /speed 4.
9.Add Oreo and combine 20 sec/ Blade reverse button / speed 4.
10.Check bases and wiggle them free if stuck, then pour mixture on top and chill for 30 minutes.
11.Decorate with extra oreo or melted dark chocolate. 

 Alright , there is a lot "base pastry" available in the market , you can get the ready made base from Cold Storage if you want, if dont , can get the cookies pieces from Bake with Yen also , ingredient like this able to lessen your work load when u prepare for the base, remember to put in butter , to form the base.

Thickened Cream
Cream Cheese , i choose Philadelphia!

Gelatine powder

Lastly i wish you a success in your "creation"!
Grab his heart is just a piece of cake!
Cheesecake in Apr 2015

Thermomix recipe cheesecake
Cheesecake for Mother's Day 2019 

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