Monday, July 7, 2014

ヽ(^o^)ノ My Xiao Mi-Mi3 reviews aka 我正式加入米粉俱乐部!! ヽ(^o^)ノ

i've got my Xiao Mi from here at RM769 during their second batch release!

Well well well... thanks to my colleague who actually help me to 
and finally we got it at 12:03 pm (including cart check out)
and you know this batch was sold out within 10 mins!! 
if you log in at 12:11 pm, i'm really sorry to you , dear, you missed the chance!
But is ok , this xiao mi , every week also got release , so got to wait for another week , dont give up!
This my xiao mi phone!!

and also my super duper cute pinkish casing!

after engaging with the phone for one week, i mean sleep , eat , walk , run together with xiao mi... 

here is my review!

I personally think this is a real worth buying phone from the current market !
imagine , spending RM769 and getting such a great performance phone! 

1. How to use xiao mi to print screen / screen shot? 
    Press the Volumn Down key + Home Button together! Yup , TOGETHER! 

2. I have problem with my selfie (front camera) , how come the photo having mirror image problem ? i mean     reverse side ! I dont have such problem with others android phone! 
    Firstly , press the camera to front camera and then go to setting > front camera : OFF. Done! Try try try !

3. There is space management function in Xiao Mi, do you know that ?
    Firstly , hold and press the bottom left button (three horizontal lines button / MULTITASKING key), then     the screen will bring you come to here as below screen shot. If you would like to LOCK some application     from clearing away , just move down/glide down the apps to LOCK / UNLOCK with your finger. I will       do this kind of activity once a while , to allow better performance for my user experiences. I must said           Xiao Mi is real fast respond phone.

I locked my GALLERY for this case
4. Next , the camera ! Do you know Mi3 is a phone with 13 mgpx for rear camera and 2mgpx for front             camera?
    Hmm , be honest with you all here , i actually still prefer my samsung camera function , despite the higher       mgpx in Xiao Mi. Xiao Mi camera features does not really impressed me during the beginning. But again ,     the more you get along with Mi3 , then you know it "Hello Kakak (sister) , is you dont know how to use       the phone la , dont said the phone lousy la ! "
    Opps .... why say so ?

    The one highlight in RED is VOICE CONTROL for Photo shooting without pressing the SNAP                   BUTTON, is a great tool for SELFIE girl like me!
    The one highlight in GREEN is HDR for High Dynamic Range photo! Look at my samples below! It is           really turn out to be fantastic !! It's 13 mgpx , ok ? like u holding a DSLR + phone on your hand!

ALL PHOTOS below without EDIT!! 

MI3 HDR - Dumpling Soup 

MI3 selfie with rear camera without EDIT

Mi3 front camera SELFIE 

Mi3 Selfie with SKIN TOUCH features which available inside XiaoMi

Alright , end of my review!

Hope you enjoy reading and PLEASE
do share with me on your user experiences with Mi3, okay?

Let's Mi Fans / 米粉团 rocks together! 

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