Friday, July 11, 2014

DressyPat18 : English Cotton Baju Raya

It's another year again... And it's my 4th Baju kurung... 
Yup, AGAIN, I designed my own Baju kurung again.
Thanks to my Collig who got me this English cotton as souvenir from Bandung!
English Cotton best fit for baju kurung! 
This is how my design!

It's a baju kurung modern with kain duyung and lace on top! 
The kain (cloth) itself is very sweet color , its a sweet pink color!

I'm very satisfied with my "Baju Raya 2014"
haha .. 
Baju Raya .. yup , my company will have Raya Open House every year! 
there , im going to wear it !   

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